WJCC Winter Sport Cancelations

Is WJCC making a mistake by shutting down winter sports?


Photo by Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash

Students need to stay active even through these tough times were going through.

The winter sports cancelation by WJCC schools is a bad thing because student-athletes won’t get enough exercise and fitness. Students need these things to get their body in shape for their future as an athlete.

On the other hand, WJCC school sports cancelation in the winter can be a good thing as well. If school sports are canceled, students can spend time with their family, friends, and pets. Moreover, school sports being canceled doesn’t mean you can’t go outside and practice in your own free time. Students should be encouraged to spend at least 30 minutes exercising and outdoor activities

According to wjccschools.org all WJCC division sports will be closed in the winter due to COVID-19. “The COVID numbers keep climbing, and we will not place students’ health and safety at risk,” WJCC school superintendent Olwen E. Herron wrote in her statement to the public.

Students can take precautions when playing to ensure no breakouts of COVID-19.

Though the Corona Virus is deadly and dangerous, certain precautions can be taken to ensure safety. For example, families could be limited to 3 people per family, the crowd can social distance on the sidelines, and have doors designated entrances and exits. Players and coaches could all wear masks while on the sidelines. No huddles should be allowed, either. Each team could be required at each substitution to sanitize hands. All frequently used surfaces should be sanitized at half time. All participants should not play if they are showing signs of sickness and teams should be informed. Finally, if a spread were to happen, the league or organizations should immediately cancel for at least two weeks. Safety can be achieved in all sporting events by simply putting good practices for public health first.

When it comes to COVID-19, WJCC sports should not be canceled. All you have to do is follow all safety procedures to stay safe from COVID-19.

Not only can you stay safe while playing sports, but you can also stay safe in your area of exercising. If you go to the park to do your daily warm-up on the basketball court or if you go to an open gym, you still have to follow the safety procedure of COVID-19.

You can exercise outside to make sure your not at risk for spreading or catching the virus.

If you get the virus, be sure to stay safe and get good rest so you can be healthy enough to stay in shape. Always be sure to wear a mask when you go out somewhere to exercise or practice. The WJCC sports are closing due to the increase of COVID-19 numbers. This means that you cannot sign up for basketball, football, field hockey, etc.

WJCC sports will hopefully open back up soon. If not, student-athletes will lose some of their athleticism. This is why you must keep fighting for yourself and stay safe. Determining the safest learning environment for students requires a thorough evaluation of data from the state and local health departments and guidance from the Virginia Department of Education. The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) uses several indicators including CDC METRICS to determine the community spread of COVID-19 and the risk of transmission in schools. WJCC Schools uses data from Williamsburg, James City County, and the larger Peninsula to determine movement between Paths for Learning and the number of students in school buildings. This is why we cannot go to school or play sports at school.