The Top Ten Holiday Movies Not To MIStletoe!

Craving Holiday Cheer? Never Fear the Grinch is Here!


Clara Burgess

Lafayette sophomore, Davis Brewer enjoyed watching “The Grinch”, on a chilly afternoon nearing Christmas. His favorite part of this holiday movie is when it shows him getting ready and in the background it plays the trendy song, “You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch”.

Decorating your home for the holidays is sure to get you in the mood to watch all the movies on our top ten list! (Clara Burgess)

Whether you live in the North Pole, Santa Claus, Indiana, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, or Christmas Valley, Oregon, these holiday classics are sure to get your bells jingling. Not even Ebenezer Scrooge can bah-hum-bug away these top ten holiday movie mood boosters.

Skiing in at number 10 we have Miracle on 34th Street, story by Valentine Davies. There is a version of this movie for everyone. If you are looking for a nostalgic vibe, try the original black and white version from 1947, sure to renew your belief in Santa and that good things happen to good people. Three more modern versions will also ensure your holiday magic and the power of belief.

Skating in at number 9 we have A Charlie Brown Christmas, story by Charles M. Schulz. This movie touches the heart with so many life lessons as Linus shows Charlie Brown and his friends that Christmas is more than what is found in the store and to always express gratitude no matter how bad the situation looks. The end scene teaches Christmas’s ultimate goal and ends on a happy note showing that everything works out in the end while all sadness is pushed aside.

Baking up sugar cookie style at number 8, we have A Christmas Carol, based on Charles Dickens classic tale. This scary tale has been recreated 134 times and can show that even the most selfish, narrow minded people can change into the most generous and kind when they walk down memory lane and realize where they went wrong. Sure it may take a visit from three different spirts of Christmas to scare Ebenezer Scrooge into remembering his true self, but the ending will rattle your chains and give you quite a few chills in more than one way.

Number 7 heats up the list like hot cocoa, all aboard for, The Polar Express, directed by Robert Zemeckis. In keeping with the Christmas theme of believing, a group of pajama clad kids board a train with a mysterious conductor not knowing if it a dream or reality. The lessons they learn will stick with them forever once he shows them the original childhood view of Santa.

Guiding our sleigh tonight is number 6, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, where the popular Christmas carol by Johnny Marks comes to life on screen. This short animated film was produced in Claymation which makes it a retro-holiday classic. The movie shows that your differences can make you shine brighter than the rest. In Rudolf’s case this is taken literally as he guides Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve.

The best snack to stay festive while watching these holiday classics is none other than homemade Christmas cookies so grab your favorites and get to watching! (Clara Burgess) 

Defending itself at number 5 comes, Home Alone, a 1990’s film that pleases holiday movie lovers of every age. When eight year old Kevin is accidentally left home alone during the Christmas holiday, he summons his bravery and wit to spoil any hopes two intruders have of robbing his house. The whole time he is outsmarting the thieves, he reflects on his own love for his family.

Winning a major award and sledding down the list we have number 4, A Christmas Story. This movie surely bridges the generation gap as all audiences are delighted. No matter how young or old, it brings out laughter and sympathy for Ralphie and his family. They all take turns learning from their mistakes as well as each other, but most of all, they learn how much they care for one another.

Getting it’s angel wings at number 3, It’s a Wonderful Life is one of those holiday films showing the true spirt of the season. This black and white movie starring legendary actor Jimmy Stuart as George Bailey delivers a true Christmas message about the purpose of life.

At number 2 and sweeter than candy, the movie Elf, has holiday vibes that are second to none! Buddy the Elf and friends prove that when you believe, you can make big things occur. Good hearted Buddy has his shares of ups and downs but he manages to find love while staying true to himself. Despite his bad habit of eating too much sugar, Buddy always finds a way to do the right thing and make others believe in the true spirt of Christmas.

Stealing the number 1 holiday movie spot is How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and anyone who knows who is Who, knows this is true. From the original animated short film to the later motion picture live action remakes, it is sure to make your heart grow three sizes. You may hate the green, grumpy Grinch from the beginning but towards the end, you will love his new found Who-manity.

When asked what is the best movie on this list, local movie quote expert, Dr. Scott Burgess says, “You won’t shoot your eye out watching any of these movies, but you might be able to tell that “A Christmas Story” is my favorite. It has so many memorable lines… oh fudge, there are too many to name.”

Merrily, all of our top ten holiday movies are available on most major TV networks and certainly on Netflix and other subscription services. So grab your hot cocoa and gingerbread men and women and you will see all these movies will make your nice list.