Celebrating a COVID Christmas

COVID has changed every aspect of our lives and Christmas is no exception

Williamsburg averages about 5.1 inches of snow per year

Skyler Smith

Williamsburg averages about 5.1 inches of snow per year

It’s no secret that life doesn’t quite look normal right now and it will continue to be that way for awhile but nonetheless time marches on. As Christmas approaches many people are having to rethink how they will celebrate the holiday this year and most importantly how to do it safely while still retaining that Christmas magic.

What are you MOST looking forward to this holiday season?

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  • Christmas Movies (0%, 0 Votes)
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  • Presents (0%, 0 Votes)
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The first thing to keep in mind when you’re making holiday plans is to prioritize the traditions that are important to you. While there are important things to avoid for peoples safety there are many ways to make traditions safe to enjoy. If making a big Christmas dinner or lots of holiday goodies is important to you then you can still make all that food and drop it off in a no contact way. Food is the way to the heart and can make times like these where its hard to connect as easy and personal just like you were sitting at the table with them. You can even have a holiday meal with your friends and family via Zoom. Have fun with it and get dressed up and full set the table. You can even coordinate with your friends that you all make the same recipe so there is a shared connection. Just because your favorite tradition might not look as it normally does, doesn’t mean it will be any less enjoyable.

According to the CDC since January 21 of this year there has been 10,170,846 cases of COVID in the United States (Skyler Smith)

The gifts and presents of Christmas are what many young children look forward to all year and with online shopping getting those last minute gifts are easier than ever. This year though, retailers and postal system officials are advising that you order and ship your gifts well in advance and many are even suggesting that you finish your shopping in November. If you are someone who has trouble finding the perfect gift, don’t worry. There are plenty of online resources to help you, and if the online gift finders fail find something that is a personal tie between you and the recipient. Whether its a shared interest or a memory, there are tons of ways to make items seem more personal. Try and think of inside jokes or ways you can incorporate personal messages. Handwritten Christmas cards are always a lovely addition to any gift. Remember to be prepared and plan out things beforehand, your future self will thank you.

Christmas decorations have already been seen early in November and with the way this year has gone so far many are inclined to agree that this year could use an extra early dose of Christmas cheer. By far one of the most visible ways to do this is through Christmas decorations. Hanging a wreath from your door and putting up lights on your yard helps spread the festive spirit and makes anyone who drives by smile. This year a great way to get into the festive spirit is to drive around with your family to look at Christmas lights. If you’re not quite sure which neighborhood to go to and you want a for-sure chance of seeing amazing Christmas lights be sure to check out the Celebration in Lights at Newport News Park for some amazing Christmas creations. From November 26th to January 1st from 5:30 to 10:00 every night you can drive around with your family and look and amazing light displays as your drive around the park.

It is estimated that 150 million Christmas light sets are sold in America every year (Skyler Smith)

No matter what the holiday season will look like this year one thing is know for certain. With family and friends still being a part of your life whether that looks like phone calls or texts, socially distanced gatherings or  meals together. This is a tumultuous time and patience is an important thing to have while things are so uncertain. Plan this holiday season so that it works for you and your family. If it’s been such a busy year and whether  you want to have a simple Christmas to reduce stress, or go all out to make up for the negativity of this year remember to take a deep breath and know that 2020 will soon come to an end.

What are you going to MISS the most this holiday season because of COVID?

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