A Covid’19 Disney World Trip

What Disney World looks like during the Global Pandemic. New added guidelines, limited capacity, all new when visiting Disney World.


Kathryn Motes

“When you wish upon a star”. The song you hear in the background as you walk down Main Street USA towards Cinderella’s castle. A replica of Cinderella’s Castle from the movie Cinderella. It sits in the middle of Magic Kingdom, which is the first thing that draws your eyes to it. You get to walk towards the castle and really feel like your in a real life Disney movie.

Walt Disney World is considered to be “The Happiest Place on Earth”, not even a global pandemic could stop them completely. With new added guidelines and procedures, you can visit the parks safely. These photo’s are all from my trip to Disney World only a few weeks after reopening in July. Coming back to a familiar vacation spot, was very different this time. From temperature checks, to wearing your mask everywhere you go it is all a very unique experience. You could really notice a difference, with the lower capacity. Lines for rides were a lot shorter, normally being how long it took you to walk through the Que. Then some stores and restaurants were closed, which normally isn’t the case when visiting Disney. It was a completely different experience, than my trip pre-Covid. However, the fun and joy of going is still there.