Summer Adventures in the Czech Republic and Beyond

Castles, Bridges, Cobblestones, and so much more


Charming canals are often part of each towns backdrop. A large river and mote runs around the historic center of Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic. Residents take pride by planting many flower boxes for all to enjoy.

Summer 2019 brought many adventures, as seven of my family members drove throughout three European Countries, with my dad at the wheel. Exploring cities, such as Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, and Dresden on foot proved to be a truly memorable experience. Visiting the countryside and small towns brought this trip to a whole other level. Castles, bridges, clocktowers, alleyways, and the architecture were our favorite features everywhere we went. Everyone agreed visiting the Ossuary, a church made of human bones, in Kutna Hora was a highlight of the whole trip.