Why Florida is Better Than Virginia

Florida Life!!!!!!

There are 640 miles that separate life in Williamsburg, Virginia from life in Jacksonville, Florida. I have lived in Williamsburg, Virginia since 2012; I would consider this area to be where I grew up. I have gained friendships that will last a lifetime. However, this summer I had the opportunity to visit one of my closest friends, Trent, and his family. I stayed with his family the entire summer, beginning on June 19th and leaving on August 10th. Even so, I returned to Florida to complete the first-half of the semester. During my time there and now, I was fortunate enough to experience what life was like living in Florida. In my opinion, it is very different but in a good way.

The weather in Florida is beautiful year round! (Colin Kinzig)

I would not consider myself a true Floridian, but I would have to say that I am close to being one. First of all, the weather is so nice. It is much nicer than Virginia’s weather. It is always sunny with only a little sprinkle of rain here and there. Because of the warm and sunny weather, there is ample opportunity to visit the beaches that Florida offers, from St. Augustine Beach to the Florida Keys.  On the beaches surfers are visible, children are building sandcastles, and family and friends are sunbathing. According to Renee Jacques, writer of the article, “23 Reasons Florida (Yes, Florida) Is Quite Possibly The Best State In America“, asserts that “Everyone is jealous of Florida’s weather… Florida may have to deal with a lot of Spring Breakers, but how can you blame those people? We get to wear shorts and t-shirts 365 days a year.”  All in all, it is known as the “Sunshine State.”

Another reason why life is different in Florida than in Virginia is the attitudes of the individuals that live there. I have come to know a lot of people, ranging from the elderly to young children and teenagers. I have gained some of my closest friends down in Florida. I have found that people are so much kinder and nicer than in Virginia. They actually say ‘hello’ to you when walking down the street, or even on the beach. I would even consider saying that Florida residents have a more positive state of mind. They accept individuality and don’t shame you for your beliefs regarding politics, career choice, etc. Alyssa S. said ” I would have to say I like living in Virginia more than I do Florida. The reason is I felt more comfortable living in Virginia, I lived there my whole life with my Family and my friends, though I have lived in Florida for a little over a year now I still refer to Williamsburg as Home. Living in Florida seems to have many more pros but Virginia will always be where I feel most at home”.

People are always so friendly and welcoming in Florida! (Colin Kinzig)

Florida, most definitely, is known for its great sports. After visiting Florida throughout my childhood and living in Florida this past summer, I have learned that this state is where sports are excelling. My friend Trent is a member of the golf team at the high school he attends. After attending Trent’s golf matches, I realized that the members of the golf team are gifted. When asked Which state he likes better Trent S. stated, “I love both states however I like Florida just a little bit better because I am able to golf year round because the weather is a lot warmer here than in Virginia. I also Love the beaches because they are so beautiful and I love to go surfing with my friends overall I enjoy living in Florida better than Virginia”. Because of the beautiful weather that Florida offers, these students are able to practice year-round. In addition, college scouts are almost always in attendance, giving the golfers the drive and motivation, they need to play well and compete. There is also plenty of access to sports facilities.

By now it should be crystal clear why Florida is so different than Virginia – in a positive way. You, yourself, may even want to go to college in Florida. I do not blame you! I am even considering it. What I’ve discussed here is just the tip of the iceberg–why not go there and see for yourself?