Trump Contracts Covid-19

Many are worried after his diagnosis was announced.

Earlier this month, on Friday, October 2nd, President Trump tweeted that himself and his wife, Melania Trump had tested positive for COVID-19. This was following 2 separate tests he had been administered the previous day. At the time, he was only one of 11 members of his inner circle with positive tests. His political adviser, Hope Hicks, is believed to have given it to him.

Later that day, it was reported President Trump’s blood oxygen levels were lowering around 94%, and he was given supplementary oxygen. He began taking a variety of medications and was eventually moved to a medical center. The White House physician, Sean Conely, gave reporters regular updates on the President’s condition. From within the hospital, Trump released a video addressing his condition to the public, seemingly doing ok. Regarding his wife’s condition, he stated that she was doing better than he was, due to her much younger age.

The United State’s Covid-19 response was criticized by many as being weak and unprepared.

While the White House and the President himself claim he is quickly recovering and back to work, there is much speculation to the contrary. According to Daily Mail, many are convinced President Trump coughing was edited out of his video addressing the public. Rumors about the President’s condition have been fueled by his former adviser’s daughter, Claudia Conway. The daughter of Kellyanne Conway, who still speaks for President Trump occasionally, has spoken out on her Tiktok account. A well-known anti-Trumper, she wrote, “He is so ridiculous. Apparently, he is doing badly lol and they are doing what they can to stabilize him.” She also claims her mother contracted Covid-19 and spread it to her.

President Trump has been widely criticized for his response to Covid, often referring to it as the “Chinese Virus.” In May of 2018, he disbanded the White House pandemic response team, calling it unnecessary. In January 2020, he called the pandemic “totally under control.” He repeated this sentiment in February. February 26, he claimed the number of cases was “going very substantially down” this was blatantly false. The next day he said the virus would “disappear like a miracle.” March 5th, he added “we have hundreds of thousands of people that get better just by, you know, sitting around and even going to work.” To the dismay of many, he never completely closed down the country, instead focusing on keeping the economy up while cases and deaths were rising. Most recently, he laughed, saying, “It is what it is,” in response to a question about the 200,000 covid-related deaths in America (as reported on

Although the President denies it, wearing a mask has been proven to significantly stop the spread of Covid-19

Ironically, Trump’s covid diagnosis came only days after he ridiculed former vice president Joe Biden for the precautions he takes regarding the Corona Virus. During the 2020 presidential debate he mocked Biden, saying “Joe’s always wearing a mask. He can be 200 feet away from you still wearing the biggest mask you’ve ever seen.” Joe Biden has since spoken out, blaming Trump for contracting the virus.

Maybelle Dunn, one of Lafayette’s seniors, finds the irony of this situation amusing. “He didn’t listen to experts or wear a mask” she stated. “It’s his fault.” She, along with many others, believe contracting Covid-19 is what the president deserves, considering many believe him to be responsible for the 210k deaths in the United States.

Many across the country are joining together to wish the president a speedy recovery. Prayers and well wishes are being sent his way, along with some wishing him the opposite. Hannah Rubin is among those hoping President Trump doesn’t die. “It’s his fault he got it, but it’s not his fault he still has it.” She believes his death would move the country backward rather then forward, and would be detrimental to our economy. While Mike Pence has served as Vice President for 4 years, most doubt his abilities to take over as President on such short notice.

Recently, it seems President Trump has made a full recovery. He announced at a rally he is completely COVID free, even calling himself “immune.” Such a quick recovery for a man of his age and poor health seems close to impossible, but evidently, he has done it. His treatment reportedly used cell from aborted fetuses, a practice his administration has heavily condemned in the past.