People’s Choice Awards: Meaningful Tributes and Recognitions

The People’s Choice Awards–so much more that just an award for one person. They represent the talents that are splashed across the entertainment business. It represents the hard work of talented people and meaningful journeys.


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This famous Friends logo represents years of heard work and laughter. This logo represents the show and comedy of a century, and would bring many talented actors and actresses into the entertainment world. Such as, Jennifer Aniston.

The People’s Choice Awards are an event that many look forward to every year. They pick out the people who have stood out from social media platforms, or because of good deeds. They also highlight outstanding television shows, including the best actors and actresses in television and movies, and highlight albums and artists that have impacted our pop culture for the year. An award that brings attention to influencers and social media stars that have shaped the internet world, they’re are a way to recognize talents of our online platforms.

As a large corporation , Netflix provides hundreds of movies and television shows for all ages and categories. It’s very popular because of its no-ad policy and membership features. Netflix is a major contributor to what people watch, and can introduce many people to different types of shows. This can influence who people would vote for for the People’s Choice Awards. (Olivia Brown) (Screenshot)

It also allows people to vote and support these stars that they’ve watched for the past year.

The PCA started because of a man named Bob Stivers. He was the producer of many television shows including Circus of the Stars, and created the People’s Choice Awards in 1975, to recognize talented artists and entertainers, giving entertainers a chance to speak and be heard.

An article by The Washington Post  counted down the top five best acceptance speeches for 2019. Kevin Hart, in the number one speech, expressed his gratefulness towards his fans. ‘“You have no idea the effect you have on us as entertainers. Your energy, your support, it means the world.”‘ Another top speech was by Jennifer Aniston, who thanked her fans and her first television show, Friends. ‘”Friends’ was truly the gift of a lifetime, and I would not be standing up here without that amazing show, without those amazing five other actors, and with an audience who stuck with us for a decade. Through streaming services now, and syndication … you believed in us, you really did. And you believed in those very impossibly large apartments.”’

Awards are given to people who progress through the entertainment category. It’s not something that comes early in a career. For example, Jennifer Aniston’s first major role was in Friends, but only now, fifteen years later, has she won a People’s Choice Award for being well known and a good actress.

Zendaya, who also won an award in 2019, started on Disney, in shows like “Shake It Up” and “K.C. Undercover”. Now, she earned the noble award for her progress and performance in Euphoria, a more mature, and older audience intended show.

These awards make fans feel more connected to their favorite entertainers. It makes them feel that they can contribute back to their entertainers, by voting and supporting them. Madeline Brown, a college freshman at Virginia Tech, stated, “I get excited when awards such as these come around. It enables me to vote and root for the show that I’ve been watching for the year, of for many years. Voting makes me feel that I impacted the decision of an award, and while most entertainers are deserving, I hope I majorly contribute in favor of my top choice.”

Whenever I watch a show that I love, it makes me feel excited for voting time because I can contribute back to the actors and actress’s making me laugh and cry every episode. They deserve to be noticed and recognized for great performances and work. Sabrina Neischel, a junior at Lafayette High School expressed similar feelings in talking about her favorite show.  “My current favorite show is The Walking Dead. It’s entertaining and while it’s not nominated this year, it has been nominated, and has won many People’s Choice Awards in the past. This show is so exciting and thrilling to watch, it deserves the wins and nominations that it has previously been recognized for. I’m glad my favorite show was enjoyed by so many other people, and got the recognition that it deserves.”

Currently, I’m on the final season of a comedic Canadian show, Schitts Creek, which embraces love, inclusivity, and challenging times. It’s my favorite show that I’ve ever watched because of the impact it has made to open up the minds of people and future television and movie shows. This show embraces the LGBTQ community and has made many impactful changes towards acceptance and diversity. In 2019, the show had the first billboard featuring an LGBTQ couple promoting the show. This was a breakthrough for the community and networks all over the world. A show with this writing, cast and crew, deserves to be recognized and acknowledged for their hard work. You don’t need an award to be successful, but shows like this truly deserve it. Not only did this show win nine Emmy’s for one season, but according to the article by BBC News, it “Won nine prizes – breaking the Emmys record for most wins in a single season for a comedy.” This is an incredible shoutout and acknowledgment to the people who work hard and touch many hearts around the world, and a great opportunity to incorporate talent in other areas of the world. Now this show, its actors and actress altogether have five deserving nominations. I voted for the categories and was so pleased to be able to contribute.

I was able to vote for my favorite show in hopes that it will receive the wins that it deserves! I like participating in these events because they make me feel that my vote influences the decisions of the award winners. I can support my favorite actors, television shows, and movies and encourage their deserved wins. (Olivia Brown) (Screenshot)

The People’s Choice Awards mean a lot of different things for fans, voters, and the cast and crew. Overall, The People’s Choice Awards are a time meant to recognize amazing people, as well as influential movies and television shows. I’m excited for this year’s awards and I’m pleased with all of the nominees, and all of their hard work.