America Polarized by a Two Party System: Should Masks be Politicized?

With over 200,000 American deaths due to covid, the last thing we need in this troubling time is more division.

Its important to stay prepared with masks, try keeping a small bag filled with a couple in an easy access place like your car, purse, or by the front door.

Harper Sensiba

Its important to stay prepared with masks, try keeping a small bag filled with a couple in an easy access place like your car, purse, or by the front door.

From the first identification of the outbreak in Wuhan China during December of 2019, the virus quickly made its way across the world. The world case number has surpassed 30 million and the death toll recently grew to over 1,000,000. The World Health Organization declared a world emergency on January 30, 20202. Covid-19 rapidly hit nations like China, South Korea, France, and Italy early on. Many warned the U.S of what was to come, arrival on American soil was known to be inevitable. But the united states was already fighting another virus, a virus of polarizing separation. Liberal vs conservative, anti-Trump vs pro-Trump. Our nation has been completely conflicted by division. So, of course, the first case of covid in the us from west coast Washington state, the virus immediately became used for political agenda.

Wearing a mask out doors may be necessary as well. Even on my hike outdoors I had my mask handy incase I ventured into a crowd or needed to get onto the shuttle.

We know now there are some simple yet imperative measures we can take to help slow the virus: washing your hands regularly, avoiding crowded spaces, socially distance from people who do not belong to your household, keeping our hands away from our mouth and eyes, and yes… wearing a mask. The CDC and WHO along with other health organizations have called for masks wearing not only around crowded spaces, but in any public spaces at all. This could be anywhere from the market to a clothing store. Even when outside, we should be cautious of crowds and to have your mask on. Research has told us that covid-19 is air-born, meaning contagious through particles in the air from things like sneezing, coughing, talking, singing–even just another person’s breath. And due to the large population of asymptomatic, yet still very contagious, carriers, we are not fortunate enough to always know who is sick and who is not. Science has given us a way of slowing the spread; though it is not a solution, it is a much-needed precaution in order to keep cases under control.

One would think it would be hard to argue with science. But maybe they haven’t experienced life in America. Who cares about science when we have out political party to defend?  Donald Trump’s downplay and accusations of the virus being a “democratic hoax” fueled the division regarding the corona virus. His lack of leadership and accountability for the virus caused much of America not to be prepared for the changes we soon would all have to face. Americans weren’t ready for businesses to shut down, for quarantine, and mask mandates. Everyone copes with change differently–just watch an hour of your preferred news channel and you’ll see just how differently people are coping. Wearing a mask has somehow become an infringement of our rights as American people, to some it is taking away our liberty. Anti-mask rallies have taken place all over the nation. Some people protest wearing a mask due to its “violation of freedom,” while others don’t believe they work in protecting us against covid.   And some simply don’t believe in covid at all. Sides have been taken on the issue of mask wearing, causing our bipartisan nation to become even more hostile.  At the same time, many believe in the science behind masks, and don’t have to think twice about putting one on, knowing they are not only protecting themselves, but people who have compromised immune systems, the elderly, their friends, their family.

Wearing a mask indoors is not only vital, but mandatory. As of May 29, 2020, Virginia has put a mask mandate in place in order to try to combat the rising cases.
(Harper Sensiba )

CDC Director Dr. Robert R. Redfield says “All Americans have a responsibility to protect themselves, their families, and their communities.” During a time as frightening as today, with grief hitting each nation in the world like a boulder, it is our duty as Americans to do our part. We have to come together and recognize that the pandemic comes with life style changes. The only way to beat covid-19 is together, as one fighting force. We can’t overcome corona virus if we are all on different pages regarding what was to be done in order to protect people around us.

So, I ask you: whether you fall on the right or left of the political spectrum, do you want to over come covid? If your answer if yes, you have to be willing to make changes and be uncomfortable. Please, for all of us, wear a mask.