How to Fill Your Time

One of the unexpected demands of this Pandemic is learning to fill time…what can we do?


For most of our lives as students we have had a strict and regular schedule thanks to school and extra circulars. For years every week Monday through Friday with the exceptation of summer we have been waking up at the same time, getting home at the same time, and had our days filled. It has been a long time since we have been left with so much time on our hands.  We have been forced to follow a routine over and over again.

However, due to the pandemic outbreaks, not only have many of our daily lives changed, but we are also left with an abundance of time on our hands. No school, no sports, no clubs. Schools, gyms, businesses, parks, and building have been shut in order to follow social distancing guidelines to help lower the number of cases. But now we are left a surplus of time on our hands, and a new form of school.

If many of your days have been spent in your bed or on your couch, you are not alone. Its hard to find motivation during a time like this. However, developing a routine can benefit your mental health in many ways. It relieves stress, improves your sleep schedule and even your immune system’s health.

Creating a routine can be hard, you have to commit to certain times and activities. But there are simple ways to start–try some and see how it feels!

1.) Put your phone down by 10 pm, set an alarm for 9 am.

2.) Try to get a school assignment done before 12 pm.

3.) Go on a walk everyday after lunch or dinner with a family member.

4.) Try creating a Rosetta stone account and give learning a new language a try. Learning a language sharpens the mind, increases memory and ability to multi tasks, and immerses you in another culture.

5.) Take a shot at painting or another forms of art like sketching or photography. Art activities such as these boosts creativity and imagination, and reduces stress.

Focus on trying something knew and out of your comfort zone.

6.) Try a new form of exercise like yoga or online videos.

Steps as simple as these could start reducing anxiety and stress before you know it. Finding a way to get yourself out of bed and be productive could help you with anxiousness you may be feeling from being stuck at home. These could be a fun way to stay healthy, you could even try them with a family member if you can see they too might be in need of some kind of physical activity.

With the amount of uncertainty and worry in our lives right now, all we can do is stay in the present and figure out ways to be content at home. We all need to do our part for our community by staying home and staying safe. But we also need to take care of ourselves during this strange time. Trying new things and finding what works for you at home right now to take care of yourself is just as important as following health guidelines.