What Happens to Nonessential Workers?

How are American’s that are unable to work are able to live.

Places such as nail salons have been closed for months, leaving employees jobless.

 In times like this, where everyone is so focused on containing the coronavirus and keeping everyone safe, obviously things are going to have to change. Mandatory stay at home orders are in place in most of the country, and even where they are not there are still very strict rules. As a result, there are many places that cannot stay open due to crowd sizes and necessity.

Some jobs are obviously completely essential, such as nurses, police officers, and so many more that we can’t live without. But what if the job you’re working is not considered something we cannot live without? Some businesses have to remained closed. How are workers supposed to support their families or themselves when they aren’t earning any money?

Another nonessential business example is a hair salon. Hair salons are slowly starting to get back to work, although still following strict rules.

So many people are temporarily out of work right now and its affecting so many.When you’ve been previously working for a nonessential workplace, that’s not your fault. There was no way to control the fact that you’re considered necessary or not. Most of those with nonessential jobs can file for unemployment, to make up for their loss of income.  The government will send them money to keep them alive, while they search of a more permanent solution. It is available nationwide, though the rules for applying are different state to state. While it is vitally important to many workers and their families, this is costing the U.S. so much money, and putting us into even more debt.

There are no signs that the pandemic is going away anytime soon, especially within the next year. The government will lose billions of dollars continuing to support people who are out of work. One negative of the way unemployment is structured, is that some people are making more money from doing nothing than essential workers that are going out every day and working hard for their money. Knowing that some people are doing absolutely nothing and making more money than you are makes getting up and working everyday much less motivating.

And what about the people who are doing well in this system? Why would they want to go back to working a 9-5 job, when they could sleep all day or hangout with their kids and still get money from the government?

But what happens if you do not qualify for this luxury? The only answer is to find a whole new job. Sounds easy, except for the fact that the virus has eliminated many of the new jobs created in the past decades, and many jobs that are considered essential aren’t making enough money to employ many new people. They are struggling too, even though they are allowed to stay open.

Everyone and everything is experiences so many changes right now, and it is hard to handle every single problem. Until and after this pandemic is over the economy and our lives will be so different. The most important thing is staying healthy and containing the spread, but it is important to make sure you are able to provide for yourself or your family, too.