How to Make Money During Quarantine

Many of us look at summer as a time for taking on jobs to earn some spending money. What can we do during quarantine?


Colin Kinzig

I am selling my old NMD’s because they are to small

In life, we have several basic needs but primarily food and shelter. During this uncertain time of Quarantine due to the pandemic of Covid-19, people are struggling to meet these two basic needs. With millions of people being laid off and unable to provide an income to buy food and pay rent, they are looking for new ways to bring in money. One night after the pandemic started, my parents ask me how I could make money during these uncertain times. If got me thinking and I came up with three ways I could make money while others struggled; work at a grocery store, become a delivery driver, or sell personal items online.

With most stores closed,there are a few essential businesses that remaining open. The most important to help people survive is grocery stores. Within hours of the Stay-At-Home order, people ran to the stores and bought as much food as they could get. This created many problems for stores. They needed more workers to help stock shelves nightly thus creating job opportunities for those needing income. There are positives and negatives to working at a grocery store. The positive is your working a lot of hours and making more money than usual. The negative is you are more susceptible to contracting Covid-19 and at times dealing with unruly customers. Personally, I feel the positives outweigh the negatives because of the safely measures that have been put in place at the stores.

During the shut down, most restaurants remained open for pick or delivery. This provided another way to earn money. The majority of people are and were reluctant to leave their home in fear of contracting Covid-19 but wanted the comfort of food they enjoyed before the shut down. Uber eats,

These are shoes that I where or am selling. (Colin Kinzig)

Grubhub, and Door Dash needed more drivers to keep up with the demand. If you have a car and motivation to get out, this is a good way to bring in money. With regulations put in place, such as contact free delivery, many feel this is a good option to provide an income while staying safe.

The safest way to make money with no contact at all, is to sell items online. You can do this a couple of different ways. One is to find things around the house that you do not use or need and list them on sites like Poshmark, Mercari, and Ebay. The items can be clothing, shoes, or household appliances. You simply take pictures and list on these sites and wait for buyers all at the comfort of home. You could also buy high demand items, such as special edition shoes that have low numbers provided but tons of hype. If you are one of the lucky ones to get a hold of one of these high dollar items, you could potential double or triple you

initial investment. One such shoe that came out during the Stay-At-Home order was the Jordan Run Retro High Royal Toe. It retailed for $170 and has been resold for over $300. A profit of $130 and not even stepping foot outside your home.

These Tavis Scott Jordan 1’s retailed for $175 but now they go for over $1000 (Glodi Miessi)

During these uncertain times one thing is certain, people need money. There are ways to bring in an income you just need to be creative or be willing to expose yourself to Covid-19.