Are Books Really Better Than the Movies?

Have you ever wondered about the debate between whether books or movies are better?

The Harry Potter book series is very popular and most people are seen to have it in their homes.

Alaynna Geron

The Harry Potter book series is very popular and most people are seen to have it in their homes.


Much like the book series, the Harry Potter movie franchise is very popular and well known.

I’m sure many people have come across a time when after watching a movie, someone tells you the book is much better. Although that argument is used all the time, are books really better than the movie? Many people argue about this topic, but there’s not a real way to choose one over the other. Books and Movies both provide two different emotions and feelings. An example could be the “Harry Potter” series. ┬áThe films are widely known all known and some say it is the greatest series in existence. There is even a whole area of Universal Studios theme parks dedicated to the series.

So why do so many people say the books are better? Naturally, books have more information inside them. Although the movie gets the important scenes, it can not include all the scenes in the book. Those scenes that are left out could give more in depth views of the characters and give you a better grasp of the characters personally. This will help the readers connect more with the characters.

Going in a relaxing place like outside or alone in your house is a good place to wind down and read a can either make or break its liking for some people.

Another thing that makes the books more interesting then the movies is the detailed scenery. The scenery depicts a feeling in your head better than movies can give you. On the other hand, the movies can help you visually envision the scene better. It can also show things not told in the book such as decorations or outfits that give a feel for the scene or character. When reading a book, the reader will picture the characters a certain way. The way the characters are portrayed in a movie can either make or break its liking for some people.

The movie franchise “Percy Jackson” was not as lucky in success, however. The movies were said to be terrible and not much like the books. One reason for its failure could be due to the character depiction. In the novels, Percy and his friends are described as children no older than 15. However, in the movies the actors are all well over 20, taking away from the initial feel of a children’s story. The plot line was also not followed carefully, making it untrue to the books. The movies were canceled and no longer are being made. This just goes to show that die hard fans of a book will to support the movie if it is not true to the book. The argument between books and the movie still stands, but it all comes down to personal preference. Readers or people who love a series would bee open to read the book. However, movie watchers who do not like to read as much would not enjoy it, same thing goes vise versa. If the movie sticks to the plot line and uses the characters correctly, it is very possible the movies will be a hit. However, if it is untrue to the story people will stay away from it due to their want for accuracy.