Hospitals handling patients without Corona

What is happening to patients entering the hospital that also need care?



A doctor right after delivering a newborn. One of the many things that can’t just pause due to the virus.


Brave nurses and surgeons in the midst of the chaos. Working tirelessly to help so many people, even if it means putting themselves at risk.

In this time, we are all very focused on the corona virus. Whether it’s treating or preventing it, it is top priority. The virus has killed so many people, and hospitals have had to treat countless amounts of patients with it. People seem to forget that the world doesn’t just stop. Other health emergencies will not just stop. Everyday people have emergency situations or are in need of life saving treatments or surgeries every day. What happens to these patients when so much attention is being brought on the virus cases? How do hospitals keep the virus contained?

Some hospitals have come up with a way to keep the virus contained, and keep it from spreading from patient to patient. They treat every incoming patient as a possible corona patient. They make sure to give them a mask and test them. This helps keep the nurses safe by eliminating the possibility of them getting it without knowing. It also keeps al

Places being used for unusual purposes becoming places to store Covid patients, due to lack of space in hospitals.

l the other patients safe, by taking the same precautions with everyone because even though they are showing symptoms for something completely different, they could have it on top of that.Before the virus had become a major issue, they were able to keep everyone apart, but now that it’s spread so widely, these precautions are a must.

Almost all hospitals have postponed all nonessential surgeries. Meaning, surgeries that had been previously scheduled must be cancelled, due to the lack of medical staff and space in hospitals. This gives hospitals a chance to breathe, and take care of the people that need it right away. Although, this could impact those surgeries that are considered “nonessential” because you never know how a condition can develop and how it can affect your life. Say you found a minor growth that needed to be removed. Later that growth continues to grow and your condition becomes so much more severe and much harder to treat later. Another example is a mammogram. All women get them once a year to check for breast cancer. Mammograms have also been postponed for people who have not had breast cancer before. So what happens if you have breast cancer and you can’t find out and get treatment if the scan is not considered a priority.

A doctor right after delivering a newborn. One of the many things that can’t just pause due to the virus.

Another issue in hospitals is visitation. Visitation has been limited in all hospitals. In some, even banned. No one that is healthy is allowed to be with a loved one that isn’t. For some this seems reasonable, to prevent the spread and leave areas like the waiting room for screenings and testing. On the other hand, patients with and without the virus are dying everyday. Even worse than the fact that they’re dying, these patients are dying alone. No way to say goodbye in person, no last hug or kiss, and pain for those in the hospital. Nurses do their best to help families talk to their loved ones on the phone and make sure the patient knows they are loved. But how would you feel if you died without the people you loved most? Or the other way around, not getting to spend those very last few moments with that person. Visitation is such an important part of our hospitals and something that we took for granted. Especially affecting people who do not have the virus and simply just need help.

We all know the Corona virus is a major topic. Taking the lives of so many, and spreading so easily. Taking up so many resources and putting nurses and doctors through so much. But I also think it’s important to think about everyone being affected. Those that have issues that are not just going to stop happening everywhere. People get hurt. People also get sick. That will never change, no matter what other issues arise. The people that have these regular issues are having to suffer, due to the pandemic. They lose the luxury of seeing their families, being treated for what they need, and some even lose the right to be treated. Although, doctors and nurses are doing a great job with treat

ing, figuring out who needs to be treated, and most importantly trying to make sure everyone remains as safe as possible.