Corona Virus Lockdown

As the Covid pandemic continues so does the lockdown and its effects on people.

On March 17 due to the threat of Covid-19, the Virginia state government issued a lock down to prevent the spread of the pandemic. Since then non-essential businesses have been shut down and many of their workers have lost their source of income. This has caused a lot of controversy between those who want to slow the spread of the pandemic and those who prioritize their income.

Healthcare workers wearing PPE

Those who are against the lock down have even begun to protest in large groups, despite the high chance of infection at such events. Medical professionals have also been urging people to stay inside to lower the number of cases and the consequent number of deaths. There is currently not a specified date to end the lock down, however with the rate of new infections decreasing some people want to end the quarantine immediately despite the still ever-present danger.

Wee Annie statue at end of Kempock Street, Gourock, with face mask during COVID-19 pandemic.

There are still very serious dangers that come with continuing the lock down and its loss of jobs. The closure of businesses deemed non-essential has had negative effects on the economy and has taken away the ability of many to pay for food, utilities, and housing.  The argument comes down to which is more important between halting the pandemic and protecting people’s livelihood and jobs. With both sides being so critical to people’s success and prosperity it is very difficult to decide which path is right.