Manifestation is a practice which is worth a closer look!


Alaynna Geron

It is important to remember to be kind to yourself in all of this. Trying to change something is never easy but keeping a nice and open mind will help you in the long run.

Have you ever heard about a manifestation of the Law of Attraction?

The idea of a Law of Attraction was brought up in ancient times in old Buddhist and Christian writings. The term “Law of Attraction” was first knowingly used in 1877 in a book focused on esoteric mysteries. The underlying premise is that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life.

This correlates with manifestation, or the act of manifesting things. Manifestation is the theory that through regular meditation and positive, constructive thought, you can make your dreams and desires become reality. The main difference between manifestation and the Law of Attraction is that manifestation is bringing something new into the world, while the Law of Attraction is attracting something that is already put out into the universe.

To manifest something, there has to be a balance of thoughts, beliefs, needs, values, self-concept, self-esteem, environment, and physiology. If any of these factors are misaligned, manifestation will not have its effect.

This is another example of objects that are said to bring good luck wherever it goes. Other things could be horseshoes or objects special to you.

There are 9 principles of manifestation which must be followed to fully complete the process. These principles are to have a vision, have a strong desire, have a clear intention, develop an unflappable belief, acceptance, absolute detachment, self-support, and to be clear.

Connecting with nature is very important. Even a short stroll in the day can leave you feeling happier and refreshed.

The manifestation triangle is the idea that being, doing, and having lead to the process of manifestation. This is very important and it means your subconscious has to be aligned with your actions (or persona) to work. Your persona is the image of yourself that you put out into the world.

The Law of Correspondence states that the outer world is nothing more than a reflection of your inner world. It is very important that you focus on what you want; otherwise your thoughts and persona will not be the same and manifestation will not work. To manifest things you need patience, discipline, faith, and love.

There are many ways to practice tapping into your spiritual mind. A good idea would be to find any empty field outside and meditate or do yoga peacefully.Another important development to achieve is to line up your intuition. Intuition is a feeling you have about something that directs your focus and attention. It is important to make decisions aligned with subconscious desires and intentions. If you have a goal you have to become the person you want to be to fulfill those desires.

If you aren’t psychologically programmed to meet the terms and conditions of the goals it could lead to the downfall of what you built. This is executed by the Law of Least Effort, which states that emotional attachments are self-sabotage when trying to use manifestation.

Although manifestation seems very difficult, it can be done with determination and self goals. Affirmations and visualization are techniques you can use to help overcome some of the challenges when you’re trying it out.

A good way to help connect yourself with your mind is to find a empty field or area outside and practice yoga or meditation.

Although many believe in and stand by manifestation, others do not. Some people think the process is too simplistic and there is a lot of room for errors. Others also argue that it is not proven by facts, and is in fact simply pseudoscience: statements, beliefs, and practices that are claimed to be both scientific and factual.

There are many different opinions about manifestation and the Law of Attraction. I interviewed a friend from England about this topic to provide information from all around the world. She started by saying, “I believe that you get what you give.” Clearly, she believes the Law of Attraction and that whatever you are putting out into the world, you will receive the same. She went on to add, “It makes sense that if you think and live with negative thoughts, that’s how your life will be.” I asked her if she would consider manifestation, she replied, “I would for sure give it try, but it seems you have to be very dedicated for it to work.”

I asked another friend in Croatia the same questions. Her response was, “It seems too simple in a way, but I believe there are people out there with strong wills who achieve what they want using the laws of the universe.” I then asked an acquaintance who attends the same school I do. She stated that, “Although I think most spiritual aspects of life are false, it seems like common sense that the energy you give is the same you will get.” From three different places around the world, the reactions were about the same. I conclude that if you work for it, it is possible to manifest anything you want.