Corona Virus Cancelled Spring Sports

What is life without sports?


Colin Kinzig

Waner stadium will not be used for soccer games this spring

Sports have always been an important part of students high school life. They provide outlets for students who don’t always fit the academic mold. Sports can even be the main drive for some to even attend school. So when the announcement was made that school sports were to be cancelled, many lost some hope for their future. Especially the senior class of 2020.

Colin Kinzig
the Wisc baseball fields are closed until further notice

Wearing the jersey in the hallway of your peers bring pride to many. For some, this was their last year to experience that feeling. The seniors who won’t have the opportunity to carry their love of sports to the next level are the ones most affected by the cancellation. Already knowing that this year marked the end of a passion grown form childhood can be humbling to many but to have it taken without any say, hits even harder. Timmy Gillen who gave up his football career after a knee injury, had his sight set on another state championship with the Lafayette Varsity Baseball team to only have it taken away. Drew Ramos when asked how he felt when he saw baseball had been cancelled he said “I was truly heat broken when I heard the news. especially it being my senior year and previously winning the state championship the year before, the whole team was ready to go back to back and win another title.” He was also asked how will this affect your baseball career? he said “For some seniors that will be the last time the pick up a baseball. With the cancellation of baseball for me it just messes up the live situations and game mentality to prepare myself for college. All I can do know is workout from home, throw with friends, and stay conditioned for college baseball.” Issac Duncan wont get to her the starters gun for his final race in the 100 meters or hand the baton to a teammate in the 4 x 100 rely. Braden Underwood who was injured during indoor track earlier this season, won’t be able to compete for the state title for pole vault.

Colin Kinzig
The hurdles at the Lafayette track are locked for the rest of the year.

These are just a few of the lives in our town that are affected by the cancellation of sports by the Corona Virus. Not just a local issue, it has affected the entire country. Many collegiate basketball players had hopes of playing in the NCAA Tournament. The disappointment went from playing for empty stands to not playing at all. College baseball and softball missed their entire season and are having to figure out if it is worth coming back even if they have finished their academic responsibilities. Former Lafayette student Luc Lipcius, class of 2016 who now plays for the University of Tennessee got hurt last year and was to finish his career this season with hopes to get drafted. All that is now gone for the former Lafayette stand out.

Athletes aren’t the only ones missing spring sports. Long time sports Lafayette sports fan Dan Kinzig said this about the cancellation of spring sports “I am really bummed because I was looking forward to watching several baseball games I was really looking forward to watching my son play and I was also interested how the varsity team would do with there new head coach.” The fans, from casual observers to die-hards, will not get to watch their teams compete. Some families look forward to making memories with traditions of attending various sporting events throughout the year. Even the Olympics is being postponed till summer ’21, Costing millions of dollars in revenue for many countries.  Cities where sporting events take place are losing money with hotel cancellations, empty restaurants, and fan merchandise. People worldwide are losing the enjoyment of watching their teams and the teasing of coworkers, friends, and family who root for rival teams.

Colin Kinzig
Wanner stadium will not be used for soccer games this spring

High schools, Colleges, professional athletes, and spectators are all being affected by the cancellation of not only sports but their love of sports. For the foreseeable future, people won’t take playing and watching sports for granted like they have in the past.