A Movie To Remember

“I Still Believe,” an inspiring true story, will be a must see in theaters coming soon.

Music has played an important role in Camp’s life starting at a young age.

Life will always throw its curveballs at you when you least expect it, but the true test is to see how you persevere. Jeremy Camp, a Contemporary Christian artist, had to face one of these life changing events in the start of his career. A movie called “I Still Believe” will be released March 13, 2020, depicting one of the biggest struggles Camp has had to face and overcome in his life. 

Jeremy, born in Lafayette, Indiana, on January 12, 1978, grew up in a fairly religious household. His father, a pastor at a local chapel, had a strong influence on his life, for he taught Camp how to play the guitar. He later attended Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta, California where he earned a bachelor’s degree in theology. From there, Camp went on to singing and spreading his beliefs to others all around the California area. In fact,  Jeremy met his first wife when he was leading worship at a church group in San Diego. Little did he know at the time that this woman would change his life forever. 

This life changing woman was known as Melissa Henning. After meeting and getting to know each other, Camp knew that he had fallen in love with her. However, Jeremy got a call from Melissa saying she was just diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. Devastated at the news, Camp knew that this didn’t change the way he felt about her. Five months later, the two married, knowing that she did not have much more time left before she would lose her battle against cancer.  

One of Camp’s many albums, “Stay,” includes some of his greatest hits, such as “I Still Believe,” “Walk by Faith,” and “Right Here.”

Through this whole journey, Camp’s faith was truly put to the test. Many others face similar situations in life where they feel like nothing is going right and can’t always see a happy ending. Camps story, however, shows that no matter how hard whatever situation you may be facing right now is, there is hope. It might not always come right away, but with time, the hardship you are dealing with in your life will eventually pass. Camps story has inspired hope for so many others and has changed people’s lives with his music.  

Camps music has personally touched me. His lyrics are incredibly moving and have truly helped me at the hard points in my life. It’s motivating, knowing how he has overcome so much in his life and how he has struggled to get where he is today. Currently, Jeremy has released 11 albums with four million copies sold, and four of those released are RIAA Gold albums. He has been nominated for three American Music Awards and a Grammy. This success did not come easily. The loss of his first wife was a huge test of Camps faith. But through it all, he managed to preserve and share his story with the world and in doing so, he has helped many people through their personal struggles. 

The movie, “I Still Believe,” is one you will surely not want to miss watching in theaters. Even though the movie will be rather religious, that does not mean you must have strong religious beliefs to enjoy this motivational film. This romance will most definitely be a tearjerker and an inspiration for all who watch.