Doom Eternal Release

The Doom series returns again in Bethesda’s upcoming Doom Eternal.

From Doom(2016), the Doom Slayer battles demons in hell with his futuristic weapons.

The infamous Doom Slayer is back again to slaughter the rising hordes of hell in the upcoming sequel of Doom (2016). Doom Eternal will be released on March 20, 2020, by Bethesda Studios. The first Doom game was released in 1993 and was a pioneer in the first-person shooter genre of games. With the introduction of Doom Eternal, there will be 9 games in the main series. There are also numerous other adaptations and spin-offs of the series which include: novels, comic books, board games, and film adaptations. The storyline focuses around an unnamed space marine, commonly referred to as either Doom Guy (by fans) or The Doom Slayer, who battles the never-ending hordes of hell in his quest to protect humanity and annihilate every demon.

In Doom (2016) the Doom Slayer awoke in hell, trapped in a sarcophagus, and reclaimed his gear to resume his quest after having been imprisoned for so long. After quelling the rising tide of demons, The Doom Slayer is once again trapped and must await his release. Doom Eternal will begin again with the release of the Doom Slayer from his prison to battle back the demon hordes. Little has been seen of the game before its release, beyond the few trailers have been released. In them, the Doom Slayer is seen wielding a new weapon to use against the demons – a massive glowing sword of demon origin that can be used to slaughter his enemies.

Old fans and new ones alike can enjoy Doom Eternal without having to play all of the old games. The story line is easy to follow and not much background knowledge is required to understand what’s happening. After all Doom’s main focus has always been more on the demon extermination rather than the history of the game world. There are several options to purchase the game from Bethesda’s website. The Doom Eternal Collector’s Edition comes with a Deluxe Edition copy of Doom Eternal in a Steelbook case custom-designed by graphic designer and illustrator Gabz in collaboration with Mondo, a wearable Doom Slayer’s helmet, a playable cassette tape, and download codes for lossless digital copies of Mick Gordon’s Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal original soundtracks, Doom Lore Book with custom artwork by ID Software, one “The Gift of Argent Power” 11” x 17” Lithograph. A digital deluxe version is also available for $79.99 and the standard edition costs $59.99.

The Doom Slayers’ daunting journey to Hell begins.

A 3-hour demo has garnered reviews from renowned gaming critics such as DualShockers, IGN, and PC Gamer, which can all be found at DualShockers comment on how the producers of Doom have taken the best parts of the game and amplified them even further, they even say playing Doom eternal is worth the visit to hell. In their review, IGN talks about the new game’s improved ability to keep players interested and on the edge of their seats, through the challenging and thrilling combat. PC Gamer takes a different, but welcome, path in their review. They talk about the intense challenge of the game and how it demands all of a player’s focus on the tasks at hand. The excitement for Doom Eternal is real and the challenge waits for all fans of Doom.