Corona Panic

Covid-19 is now a worldwide pandemic--what should we do?


Photo by Macau Photo Agency on Unsplash

Corona virus is affecting people from all over the world and from all age groups

Anyone can get the Corona Virus. It is spreading like wildfire, someone in your own town could possibly get it.

January 11, 2020 was when it all started. This is when the first case of corona was detected. Who knew that in such a short amount of time the virus would be affecting so many people on a global scale. COVID-19 is not only affecting most people’s daily live but also their lifestyle. 

COVID-19, also known as the Corona Virus, has infected 82,794 people worldwide. The virus is responsible for 2,817 deaths and there have been 33,370 people who have recovered from this virus. COVID-19, like other corona viruses, originated with animals. Many of those initially infected either worked with animals or frequently shopped in a seafood wholesale market which was one of the first outbreak locations. The contamination from these animals infected humans, and from there it has caused the disease to affect people globally.

One of the things that makes this virus so deadly is that it is airborne, so if someone coughs or sneezes and you breathe it in you can get infected. It is also possible to get it by touching surfaces that have been touched by someone already infected and contagious, and then touching the face, eyes, mouth, or nose. 

Some of the known symptoms of Covid-19 are fever, cough, and shortness of breath. A test to identify those infected with the virus has been created, but unfortunately there is no vaccine yetDoctors are working hard on making a vaccine because of the rapid spread of the virus.  Ultimately, the hope is to cure it altogether. 

Covid-19 isn’t just affecting the world medically.  Ihas caused the stock market to drop roughly 10 percent. Chinese factories distribute many things to the USA, and with workers quarantined those factories production and distribution is now very low, which is affecting the global economy. Numerous Chinese factories have shut down altogether as the government attempts to stop the spread of the virus. Many big name brands, such as Apple, have had a decrease in iPhone production and some of Tesla’s Shanghai factories have completely shut down. It is causing a huge economic and social disruptionOn a positive note, the factories, schools, etc. being shut down has caused pollution to decrease greatly in China. 

Closures of buisnesses and schools are happening world-wide. Many study abroad programs are advising students to come back from Italy and other countries affected by the virus. Even in the US, where Covid-19 incidents seem to be comparatively low, companies and schools are on the alert.  Our own WJCC and Lafayette High School sent out an email telling everyone to keep out of contact with sick people and prepare for the Corona virus to appear in our community.  

Covid-19 has made its way to the US. So far there are 423 cases and 19 deaths. Forty-four of the cases were passengers who’d been quarantined on the Diamond Princess cruise ship then taken back to their own country. The US is trying to keep anyone who has the virus quarantined until deemed safe by medical professionals. Unfortunately, many of the deaths that have occurred are from elderly people and those with underlying health issues unable to fight the virus due to weakened immune systems. Meanwhile the virus is spreading fast, it is best that everyone keep up with hygiene and stay safe.