Super Bowl Recap

This story will show a recap of the 54th annual Superbowl split between three different subtopics that show what happened during the game.

Food preparation for the highly anticipated Super Bowl.

The Game

The 54th annual Superbowl was highly anticipated. This game was a match up of the decade. With quite possibly the best offense in the league vs. the best defense in the league, this was a game to watch.

It started off quickly with a fast up and down possession by the Chiefs giving the 49ers the ball. After a long march down the field the 49ers came through with a field goal to put up the first points of the game. The Chiefs knew they had something to prove, and scoring the first touchdown of the game after a 5-minute possession of the ball ending the first quarter.

The first drive of the game and the chiefs are out to a good start.

With a huge interception by the Chiefs on the second play of the 2ndquarter, Kansas City was gathering momentum. They scored a field gaining a 10-3 lead over the 49ers. The 49ers came back with a big push by a string of passes down the field to score a touchdown and tie the game up with only 5 minutes left in the half. With little time left and not much action expected the 49ers managed to pull together a deep 42-yard pass after a controversial call that could have cost the 49ers an extra score before the half.

The 49ers received the ball, knowing they needed to come out strong after the half. With their first possession the 49ers managed to march all the way down the field to put themselves in field goal range and take the lead at 13-10. They lived up to their number one reputation, holding the Chiefs to small gains until they got a huge interception, giving them the ball on the Chiefs 36-yard line. After 3 solid passes, the 49ers managed to put another touchdown on the board giving them a 20-10 lead going into the final quarter.

The age and record of the young Super Bowl MVP and regular season stud in the breakdown of the game.

But this is the Chiefs specialty: the past two playoff games they had come back from a deficit of over 10 points, they did not disappoint! After an unlikely 2nd interception by Patrick Mahomes ending their drive, things really started to look grim for the Chiefs. But this failed drive only seemed to motivate them. They shut down the 49er’s offense, giving them only 1 first down until they punted the ball giving, the Chiefs the ball on their 17-yard line with 8 minutes to play.

Would this be the storybook ending they were looking for? After a strong push down the field, topped off by a 44 yard pass down the field to the speedy Tyreek Hill, the Chiefs managed to come right back in this game with scoring in the last 2 minutes. Being down by 3, the Chiefs were going to need some magic from their defense to get back into this game. And that’s exactly what they got.

The final score to this monumental game for the Chiefs to give them the comeback victory and there 1st Superbowl victory in the past 50 years.

Shutting the 49ers offense drive down in 4 downs, the Chiefs came through. Scoring another 2-minute touchdown gave them the lead at 24-20 for the first time since the beginning of the first quarter. After a poor offense attempt, the defeated 49ers game winning drive was halted by a 9-yard loss sack almost guaranteeing the Chiefs the win. It would be their 2nd Superbowl victory, the first one being 50 years ago putting a cherry on top, the Chiefs scored another touchdown with almost no time left to play, giving the people one memorable Superbowl game again.

Super bowl half time show

The two talented artists Shakira (left) and Jennifer Lopez (right) side by side on this highly remarked half-time show.

With the talented Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, this was a half time show not to miss. Shakira started off the show with some of her great hits and lots of energetic, enthusiastic music. Her performance really brought people to their feet. With her exotic dances, punctuated by unusual gestured expressions, and talented voice she managed to capture the crowd’s hearts.

The huge, dramatic entrance by Jennifer Lopez on top of a platform where she was holding on to a lighted pole was a fantastic follow up. With her incredible singing and dancing matched with her amazing ability to change outfits multiple times throughout the show, she managed to keep the crowd enticed throughout the whole show. The grand finale involved a group of kids, who came out and sang with the divas, making the end of the show something special and one of the best half time shows in the past 10 years.

The commercials

With a wide variety of great commercials, it was hard to choose a best. But most agree it came down to two: the long-lasting tide commercial that did a great job connecting with other companies to show the lasting effect of a stain and how their product would take it out, or the NFL 100 commercial that showed the kids traveling around the country, running the ball through cities with some of the most famous NFL players ever helping him on the way. But the best part of that was when he ran out on the field just at the end of the commercial with all of the kids following, hyping up the crowd. This commercial involved kids in the game today and showed how much it means to them.

Some great runner-up commercials include the Tom Brady Hulu commercial, which had riled up fans due to Brady’s post a few days prior. It showed a black stadium, which could have meant he was being traded, until he revealed he is staying right where he is. Another great one was the Jason Mamoa commercial by Rocket Mortgage where it showed him relaxing and taking off his arms and chest to reveal a small, weak body underneath, as if that what he actually looks like. Finally, the Doritos commercial with artist Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott having a dance off in an old-style town, with Lil Nas X song playing in the background, and the winner got a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos, was a really funny ad.