My 2020 Predictions

After a shocking first month to kick off the decade, I have decided to try to predict the rest of the year, will I be wrong or will I surprise myself?


Mohammed Khadrane

The year 2020 has very high expectations, this will be the year that will define how the 2020s will play out.

A new year is always exciting, but the year that starts a new decade will garner the highest expectations.  2020 will bring a new audience for all sorts of media, and that defines how the rest of the decade will play out. The 2010s was a decade filled with opportunity and revolution, in terms of cinema, politics, and sports. All types of fans will be expecting new things from brands and company, but will they get what they hope for and more, or will they be left disappointed?

Films and Television: 

Mohammed Khadrane
Nick Rizk, after sharing his disappointment with the films releasing this year.

There are many up-coming releases that the public is very excited for. The first one will be Birds of Prey: The Emancipation of Harley Quinn, a DC movie. I predict this will receive mixed reviews, leaning slightly more on to the positives as it will be rated R, a big risk for the studio, as DC comics typically deals in PG ratings.  Next, is Sonic The Hedgehog. I did a article on the film and have high exceptions, I am sure it will deliver. It will be the first video-game movie to be overwhelmingly positive and will shock many people. Nick Rizk, LHS tennis player,  stated “I am so hype to see Sonic in the big screen, I loved the Blue Blur when I was a kid!”

There are so many movies to come, I want to predict audience reactions to the upcoming releases.

Mohammed’s Predictions:

Mohammed Khadrane
Regal New Town Cinemas 12, one of the two main movie theaters were all residents of Williamsburg are able to see some of their most anticipated movie.

Disney’s Mulan: A great remake and imagining of the classic tale, mostly positive reviews.  

Pixar’s Onward: Another classic from Pixar, overwhelmingly positive reviews.

The Quiet Place: Part II: A great film that won’t have the same charm as the first, mainly positive reviews.

Fast 9: Mediocre addition to a repetitive series, mixed leaning to negative reviews.

Black Widow: Boring movie with a terrible story, overwhelmingly negative reviews.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife: Great sequel for the series, perfect family movie, overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Godzilla VS Kong: Mediocre action movie to watch just for pure fun, mixed leaning on positive reviews.

Better Call Saul! Season 4:  Another perfect season from the Breaking Bad saga, perfect reviews.

13 Reasons Why Season 4:  Great end to the controversial series, positive reviews.

The Good Place The Final Season:  Satisfying end to a funny series,  mostly positive reviews.



I, Hlynz [CC BY-SA (]
The showcase of previous generations of consoles for Sony, The PlayStation 1, 2, and 3. They are the founding engines that made the PS4, what it is today.
This year will be huge on the tech scene. There will be many revolutionary releases, including new phones and virtual reality advances. I predict that this year will be the year of affordability. It will be huge for VR, as there will be more users this year than ever before, thanks to the affordability with the Oculus Quest. The Oculus brand is expanding every day and becoming more affordable to the public, making owning a VR headset a possibility for more people.

Mohammed Khadrane
The logos for the two main console releases this year. The PlayStation 5 and the XBOX Series X are scheduled for release this holiday season.

The new iPhones are also releasing this year, in what has become their annual release by Apple. The iPhone 12 will have many improvements over the 11, and be one of the most affordable products in the market.

The PS5 and XBOX Series X are scheduled for release later this year, though the exact release date is unknown. The two companies who are behind the PS5 and XBOX Series X, Sony and Microsoft, have yet to shed details on their highly anticipated video game systems. I predict that they are going to show of both consoles at the event, E3, known for being the event were new video game information is debuted to the world, and fans are given information about the releases for the rest of the year and sometimes even the years to come. The new generation of consoles will be revolutionary, but the PS4 and XBOX One will stay relevant for the next year or two, as did the PS3 and Xbox 360 did for the PS4 and XBOX One. LHS senior, Darren Agapay, enthused, “I am extremely excited for the PS5, but I will be focusing on my freshmen year of college when the system comes out, so I will just stick with my PS4.”

Paul Gosar with our Current President of the United States Donald Trump. It is most likely that Trump will be re-elected this year.


2020 is the year of the presidential election. This year, Trump will face a democratic candidate in the race for the presidency. With the momentum that Trump is getting in the press right now, it seems likely that he will be reelected, and very easily, because the democratic party is a mess right now. Bernie Sanders might be their only chance left.


This year for the NFL was unpredictable, with the Kansas City Chiefs making the dream comeback and winning the Super Bowl as the underdogs.  This next year will be the exact same deal.  Speaking about the NFL, next year, we will have a brand new league in the business, the XFL. I expect big things Every team must be at their A game to make sure they have a good first impression of the new decade. With the loss of the great Kobe Bryant, the NBA will try to further their league to be at its best it has ever been, to honor the legacy that Kobe left it.  The other major leagues and sports, such as hockey, tennis and baseball, will be very interesting to watch also, so keep out an eye for those sports.

XFL [Public domain]
The XFL is going to be the main competitor for the NFL for this decade. The XFL is owned by WWE Chairmen, Vince McMahon.
Over all, I predict this year will have some of the biggest releases and events that will have a lasting impact on the rest of the decade. The evolution that we had witnessed from the 2000s to now will seem like a joke compared to what we could experience in this decade. Many influencers will become legends, and new brands will become mainstream. We should all be excited for the rest of the year, not to mention the rest of the decade.