National Championship Review

The National Championship is an annual event for college football fans across the country.


Tyler Neville

The love for Trevor Lawrence is unreal.

Fans often storm the field when the beloved Clemson Tigers bring home victory.
If you followed college football this season you would’ve been amazed by the things Joe Burrow has been able to do. He has not only stayed out of injuries way in the SEC but won it when they went thought to be a top three preseason favorite to win it. At the beginning of this season the star quarterbacks odds to win the Heisman were 200-1, not great odds at all. Burrow was formerly a 4th string quarterback at Ohio State and now he is arguably the holder of the greatest college football season ever. The National Championship started off looking good for Clemson with a first drive TD,

When talking about Clemson, it’s said “You either love em or you hate em, there’s no in between”.

Something that had me who was rooting for LSU a bit nervous. Clemson continued their push and led by as much as 10 at one point, the most LSU has been down all season! LSU stormed back taking the lead at halftime behind some beautiful throws from Joe Burrow and over 14o yards from Ja’Marr Chase. The story of the night was how ‘touchdown Jesus’ a.k.a. Trevor Lawrence, QB of Clemson was just off. He wasn’t making the throws we have been accustomed to being made, he laid an egg in the biggest game of the season. He ended with a quarterback rating on 38.1  compared to Burrows rating of 85.6. Tweets from celebrities are brutally honest including Dave Portnoys tweet “Trevor Lawrence has been HORRIBLE”. It was all LSU in the second half, getting stops and scoring touchdowns. They controlled the ball and thus controlled the clock. Burrow led them with 463 pass yards and 5 touchdowns, setting the single season record for passing touchdowns and touchdowns accountable for. All his stats were National Championship records, Joe Burrow came, saw, and conquered the Clemson Tigers.


A common phrase in sports analysis is “Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t” and these numbers definitely don’t.

Many things can be said about the National Championship game, how the Ohio State Buckeyes should’ve been present, nothing can be blamed on LSU though as they dominated every opponent put before them. They beat 7 pre season top 10 teams, an unprecedented difficulty of schedule. LSU’s offense is arguably the greatest of all time, setting the new single season mark for yards in a season. A very impressive season by LSU, very tough to find a better one. LHS Senior Thomas McLaughlin says, “The game was crazy good, was on of the best games I have ever seen, I wish Joe Burrow was my daddy”. Somewhat weird but definitely understandable thoughts by the 12th grade student at Lafayette High School. Drew Ramos, LHS Senior and avid college football fan, says, “It was the highest scoring game between two great teams, but I knew all along it would result in a LSU won as they were obviously the more talented team. Joe Burrow is a physical specimen with the arm of a God.” Both interviewees were dedicated fans of Joe Burrow and rightly so, as he is expected to be the first overall pick in the NFL draft and help lead the Bengals back to the promised land.

Clemson’s home field is nicknamed ‘Death Valley’ which is, ironically, the same name as LSU’s stadium.