Breaking News at Jamestown High School

Jamestown High School student caught offering stolen prescription pills for sale.

Breaking News at Jamestown High School

On Wednesday, December 4, a 17 year old Jamestown High School student was caught by James City County Police with over 500 prescribed pills.

According to the 13 NewsNow website, on Tuesday, December 3 an administrator was told that a student had posted on Snapchat that she had prescription pills and was willing to sell them.

When she returned to school the next day she was searched by police.  On her person was found a bottle of Xanax.  Upon further investigation police found plastic containers filled with pills and a small amount of marijuana in the student’s car, as well. According to the news report, the student had stolen the pills from her grandmother and deceased grandfather.

Police have stated that the investigation is still active and that charges are still pending.