Youtube vs COPPA

As the FCC slams Youtube with fines and threatens more, How will Youtube react and what will its creators be forced to combat? Listen to the podcast to find out.


Popular content creator and youtuber, Sean Mcglauchlin better known as Jacksepticeye, is in the hot seat as most of his content could easily be branded for kids resulting in his most valuable revenue source being pulled.

Lafayette senior Sean Long, reading about the unfair treatment of content creators on his favorite media platform, Youtube.

The FDA is slamming YouTube with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act a.k.a COPPA. This act prohibits advertisement on videos if the creator has viewers under the age of 13.

Lafayette sophomore Joey Sims, watching his favorite Youtuber, Felix Kjellberg aka pewdiepie, wondering how he is going to deal with the monsterous problem that is COPPA.

In a recent breakthrough, YouTube is making an AI that will target channels to determine if they have content that targets children, and if the AI decides that the content matches with its standards for targeting kids then all personalized advertisements will be pulled.

This means that any channel not necessarily making content for young people which has a mostly younger audience will lose its biggest, and by far most important, stream of revenue.

Is this fair for the creators on the website?  Join Ledger Reporters Caden James and Chris Konstantinou, along with guests Joey Sims and Sean Long as they discuss the implications of these recent developments!

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