A How-To for Christmas Traditions

Ideas for how to truly make the Christmas season memorable


Photo by Erica Marsland-Huynh on Unsplash

92 percent of Americans celebrate Christmas

The average American spends $663.96 on Holiday gifts each year

During the Christmas season, no matter where you are you will most likely find tradition everywhere you look. From the decorations to the food and activities we do and everything in between, Christmas gives us a time to remember the past year and spend time with family and friends. Tradition helps to create special memories that will define the holidays for years to come.

Two weeks before Christmas is the one of the two most popular times for couples to break up

If you have younger kids spending the holidays with you, some simple traditions can help make the season truly magical. Writing letters to Santa is a great way to get kids to be excited about Christmas and add a bit of magic to the season. No Christmas would be complete without some delicious homemade treats. Taking a day to make Christmas cookies is a great way to spend time with younger kids and it is a fun way for everyone to help out. Gingerbread houses offer a fun and exciting way for kids to make decorations that also taste delicious and allow themselves to express their creativity. If you want to make preparation a bit easier, you can buy a pre-baked gingerbread kit that comes with candy and frosting as well as already-shaped gingerbread cookies ready for assembly.

Christmas lights are a recognizable indicator that Christmas is on its way, and what is a better way to spend an evening then by driving around appreciating your community’s holiday spirit? Go for a drive in your area and listen to some Christmas music while you enjoy your neighbors’ decorations. It is a great way to spend time with family and not have to worry about the weather.

At your own house, don’t let one person be forced to do all the decorating, especially decorating the Christmas tree. Helping to hang meaningful ornaments that your family has collected through the years gives an opportunity to reminisce on the past and think about the future as the new year approaches.

If you’re in the Williamsburg area for the Holiday season, make sure to stop by Busch Gardens Christmas Town to see all the beautiful lights, watch their holiday-themed shows and enjoy some hot chocolate. With many beautiful displays and magical Christmas shows its sure to be a family favorite.

In 2013, the retail industry in the United States generated over $3 trillion during the holiday shopping season

Make sure to find time to celebrate the holidays with your friends too! Having a Christmas movie night offers a fun, inexpensive way to spend time together and create special memories. Another great way to celebrate with your friends is to do a Secret Santa Gift exchange. It’s a fun way to show your appreciation for the people in your life, and is an opportunity to put a clever twist on the traditional gift giving.  You can also go on a group shopping trip and get some matching Christmas pajamas. You get to make some new memories, have fun, and enjoy your time with friends.

Colton Ruby, a senior at Lafayette High School, shared one of his family’s holiday traditions, saying, “Christmas morning we all get up and my mom will make cinnamon rolls that taste absolutely delicious.Then once we’re done eating we’ll distribute all the presents and take turns opening presents one at a time.”

Canada is the largest exporter of Christmas trees in the world

LHS sophomore Audrey Kovacs says, “On Christmas Eve we spend the night at my Grandma’s house and decorate Christmas cookies while watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. On Christmas day we wake up and eat coffee cake that my grandma made and we open presents.” She continued, “Then we’ll go over to my mom’s house and open presents there.”

Christmas traditions offer a way for people to come together, enjoy the season and form special memories. Whether it be something simple like just playing games with your family or going and decorating your entire house in lights, there are many different ways to celebrate the holiday season. The important thing is to spend this time of year with your family and friends and enjoy the present while it is here.