Things To Do At Thanksgiving To Remain Civil

Thanksgivings is day a families and friends come together to have a good time, but sometimes it's challenging to have a civil conversation.


Families join together to eat dinner on Thanksgiving.

Decorating pumpkins is a thanksgiving family tradition, that many people can enjoy.

Thanksgiving is an annual national holiday held on the fourth Thursday of November. On this day families come together to share what they are thankful for. However, when some families get together there is tension. Families are not perfect, they all have flaws. Issues and problems can lead to bitterness and stress within families. So it stands to reason that sometimes, when families come together, there is tension. Here are some things that will ease the tension when you find yourself in a tense situation with family.

1.) Having a tradition helps connect with each other. Your family tradition doesn’t have to be fancy, it can be simple like watching a movie together and eating popcorn or baking cookies and pies. If your family doesn’t have a tradition start a new one! Talk with each other about what you all would like to do.

2.) A thankful tree is also helpful for your family to connect. Make a tree out of paper or buy a small tree, small sheets of paper and tape and pass the paper out and give out pens. Have everyone write three things they are thankful for and close up the paper and tape it on the tree. They do not need to write their names. Then have one person read out what everyone is thankful for.

3.) Helping each other decorate the house is fun because everyone gets to decorate some part of the house the way they would like it. After decorating, each person can show the others what they did.
Crafts. Shared activities go a long way in a peace-making, too. Buy a plain white tablecloth and colored paint. Each person decorates a piece of the tablecloth of their your own. Once you all are done decorating, everyone can explain what they painted and why.

Cherry pies are made mostly for Thanksgiving desert.

4.) Inviting a friend can help with the tension between the family, because they wouldn’t want to argue in front of guest, it is not polite.  If tension starts, a conversation can be started that will distract everyone.

5.) Compromise. Most families argue about what to do and how to do it. Talking it out and agreeing how things will be done can help

6.) Siblings. Siblings love to bother each other. If your brother or sister bother you do not start arguing take a deep breath if needed and change the subject.

Students are working on a poster for Thanksgiving, and they are looking up pictures for ideas.

Every thanksgiving is very difficult for my family. Everyone doesn’t get along well they’re always arguing. Other students at LHS have similar experiences with this holiday and their family arguing. LHS Junior Eddie Nunez said, “I have two aunts that argue on who is better. They try to prove to each other that they are better.” Also, an LHS senior who wants to remain anonymous but is a big fan of alone time said, “My mom and my grandma don’t get along. They always argue about who will be cooking dinner. My mom is always overwhelmed on Thanksgiving.”

Clearly, we all need a little help when we go home for the holidays. These tips can make things better for everyone!