Fire In The Hold!

A genuine fire alarm evacuates the school, disrupts the school day



Emergency vehicles arrived on the scene quickly, taking over the bus loop and forcing students and faculty to move to the track while the kiln and art room were investigated by officials.

This morning at approximately 7:55 a.m. the fire alarms went off.  Students school wide assumed it was another routine fire drill, but the ceramics students working with Ms. Peet in room 102 knew better.

The new kiln, which had been hard at work firing student creations over the past 24 hours, was the source of the problem.  Information is incomplete at this time, but students report that the kiln was open and cooling, when suddenly black, tarry liquid began dripping from the ceiling, followed immediately by the activation of the sprinkler system.

Fire trucks arrived quickly, and students were held outside for about 30 minutes while officials established safety in the building.  After being moved to the track for greater safety, students and faculty were allowed back into the building, to wait in upper commons and the gym until cleared to resume the school day.

An announcement from Dr. Miani let everyone know that they could return to class, and 2nd Block began only thirty minutes late, at approximately 9:25.

When questioned about her take on the incident, art teacher Ms. Bahl-Moore, whose classroom is right next door to the room with the kiln, stated, “Accidents happen.”

No other administrators or officials were available for comment.

Two classrooms will remain empty until they are appropriately aired out, Ms. Peet and Mrs. Reese conducting their classes in the Lecture Hall and Media Center, respectively.