New research shows e-cigarettes are just as dangerous as their deadly cousins filled with actual tobacco.



Do cigarettes share the same effect as do e-cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, are battery operated devices that people use which typically contain nicotine. These devices come in many flavors, such as strawberry, pear, apple, mint, cucumber, banana etc. They were invented in 2003 by a Chinese pharmacist, named Hon Li, but since then have become a huge industry. E-cigarettes are popular among teens, and are very commonly used in the United States. Their easily accessible in many stores, making it very easy for underage people to acquire them. E-cigarettes contain harmful chemicals, and users of this device are exposed to harmful effects.

This is a vape, a very commonly used type of e-cigarette.

E- cigarettes put nicotine into your lungs and bloodstream. Although they do not contain tar like regular cigarettes, some of the chemicals can have similar effects to humans. A number of the chemicals in e-cigarettes are nicotine, polypropylene, carcinogens, diacetyl etc. When the liquid in an e-cigarette heats up, more toxic chemicals are formed. The inhalation of these chemicals can cause lung disease and other health issues. Nicotine is a dangerous and highly addictive chemical that can cause an increase in blood pressure, headaches, trouble sleeping, and narrowing of the arteries. It is also a “gateway” drug, in that it can lead people to use drugs in their future.

Many commercials for e-cigarettes say that they are helping smokers stop smoking; The Food and Drug Administration has not found any e-cigarette to help smokers quit. Teens and young adults that use these devices are at a higher risk of using regular cigarettes. What people need to know is that e-cigarettes are not just filled with water vapor, they are full of toxic chemicals that are very harmful to people. Flavors in the liquid can also be harmful to your health. The flavor in some e-cigarettes gives it a battery taste. Researchers found diacetyl in 75% of the vape liquid they tested.    

There are pros and cons that come with these e-cigarette devices. The pros are that, although it is being researched, they seem to be less risky than normal cigarettes and don’t contain tobacco, unlike other cigarettes. However, they contain liquids, heavy metals, additives, and other toxic ingredients that lead to second and third-hand health risks. When teens are using e-cigarettes they are getting a big dose of nicotine, thus delaying brain development. It affects the mood of a person, making depression and anxiety much more common. The nicotine makes it very difficult to quit e-cigarettes once you’ve began smoking.

Students at LHS do research on different kinds of e-cigarettes.

As of November 20th, 2019 doctors may have discovered a new type of lung injury linked to e-cigarettes. Over 33 people have died over the last six months from this outbreak.The signs of lung disease from smoking includes chest pain, shortness of breath and vomiting. The percentage of people getting lung cancer has decreased as vapes have become more commonly used, although it is found that the flavor in e-cigarettes causes cancer. President Donald Trump is planning on banning e-cigarettes flavors, as activists have become very outgoing on this topic.

Out of the people who use e-cigarettes, it is estimated that 6,674 will die from stroke, 26,773 will die from respiratory disease, 35,825 will die from heart disease, and 44,186 will die from lung cancer. To prevent more people from dying to e-cigs, people can seek help to stop smoking so they can live a healthy, prosperous life.