Why We Should Bring Back the Thanks in Thanksgiving

The purpose of Thanksgiving is to be thankful for the things we have and the people that are in our life. But some people have forgot the purpose of this National Holiday and things need to change so Thanksgiving is more meaningful.

Why We Should Bring Back the Thanks in Thanksgiving

Photo by Pro Church Media on Unsplash

Nothing is better than homemade Thanksgiving food with your family.

Thanksgiving has always one of the days each year when extended families can gather and celebrate their togetherness. Whether it be with distant relatives or close family members, we express how thankful we are for each other. However, this is not always the case anymore. Thanksgiving is a day meant for civility and family, and pictures on social media may make it look like everyone is one big happy family, but does everyone really get along on Thanksgiving?

Family is one of the most important things in your life.

We all have that one family member who, no matter what, will argue until they get their point across. We have to wonder: is it really necessary to talk about politics, sports, and financial issues at the dinner table? Although sometimes they can be good conversation starters, it usually ends in controversy and argument.

Emily Sullivan, a junior at Lafayette High School, talked about one of her family’s arguments on Thanksgiving. “My family got into an argument last Thanksgiving over how to cook the turkey. My mom and grandma didn’t talk to each other the rest of the day, because my mom wouldn’t let my grandma help her in the kitchen at all.” said Sullivan. It’s not just about cooking, she shared; political arguments come into the mix too. “Every year my uncle starts something with my dad because they have different political views. At first, it’s usually pretty funny. However, once they really start fighting it gets ugly, and no one wants to deal with that on Thanksgiving.”  Thanksgiving controversy is a common thing, but is it necessary?

Thanksgiving treats are something to look forward to every year.

Mary Nice, a sophomore at Lafayette High School, talked about what Thanksgiving really means to her. “In my opinion, Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for all the wonderful things and people we have in our lives. The past few years, thanksgiving hasn’t been very civil in my household. I don’t understand why families can’t get together for one day a year and be thankful for each other, and just stop all the negativity,” said Nice.

Civility isn’t something we should have to practice, especially on the day we are suppose to be most thankful for each other. Most everyone is tired of the silly arguments that won’t matter the next day, so why not talk about something that doesn’t include controversy? On Thanksgiving, before we eat my family has always gone around the table saying what we are thankful for this year.  Just simply come together with your family and be kind to each other. Help your mom in the kitchen,  talk to your grandparents, play with your younger cousins, help set the dinner table. It’s the little things like that that can bring families together as a whole, and make your Thanksgiving civil again.