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Discussing the current situation in Hong Kong[email protected]/48618868672/

There is an ongoing series of peaceful  demonstrations in Hong Kong being responded to with “excessive force.”  These protest demonstrations were triggered by the introduction of the Fugitive Offenders Amendment bill, which would allow local authorities to detain and extradite criminal fugitives who are wanted in territories with which Hong Kong does not currently have extradition agreements, including Taiwan and China. The protesters laid out five key demands, which include investigation into alleged police misconduct and resumption of democratic reforms that were promised in the Sino-British Joint Declaration, but stagnated after the 2014 Umbrella Revolution.

The people of Hong Kong believe that China is taking steps to reduce their freedoms and more democratic style of government, and they plan on continuing these demonstrations until there freedoms are secure.

Many around the world, including private organizations and business like the NBA, have waded in on the subject. Many are curious how the clash between the protesters and the Chinese government will pan out, including people within our own Lafayette community.  Sean Long, LHS senior, stated, “We don’t need to get involved but we need to have an eye on it if the situation escalates.  Then the UN should step in.”

Mr. Wortman, History and Social Sciences teacher, added his two cents on the situation as well. “Hong Kong has a complicated history,” he said.   “It is one country, two systems.  They have been given more leeway. China will gradually absorb Hong Kong and one country two systems will disappear.”  Millions of people have been involved in these protest click here to see a time-lapsed video of the volume of humanity involved in these protests.

Our Podcast covers the situation occurring in Hong Kong. We discuss the basics: the Chinese government issues and possible solutions, as well as the internet culture around the situation.

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