Modern Warfare Multiplayer Review

Modern Warfare Multiplayer is a great game that has many flaws, but with a strong community and developers who listen, it can change for the better.


By dronepicr - Call of Duty Modern Warfare Gamescom 2019, CC BY 2.0,

People at Gamescom waiting in line to try the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare was one of my favorite Call of Duties. The game was perfectly balanced with fun and constant action. The developers of modern warfare should look back at this game and use it as a blueprint to fix Modern Warfare 2019.

Modern Warfare is the newest game from the Call of Duty franchise created by Activision. The hype around this game had been building as people prepared for the release, and now that Modern Warfare is out, people have gone crazy over it.

The game has three different modes: Campaign, Multiplayer and Co-op. Multiplayer is the only mode that I have been able to play so far, so when reviewing the other modes I’ll be drawing on information gathered from other players.

It has only been out for a week and two days. I have already started grinding the game, because of how enjoyable it is.

This was one of my best games, where I had 40 kills and 4 deaths. This would mean that in this particular game my Kill death ratio was 10, which is 10 times the average

I have played every Call of Duty that has come out since 2013, so I have a very good understanding of the game and company, and I am knowledgeable about how to succeed in the multiplayer, but this year it was a little different.

So far, the community has struggled in this new game. Sadly, I am one of those people that has found it game challenging. In this new version, when you are shot you die faster than in previous versions. This has made for some very frustrating moments.  In prior versions, if you were shot you still had time to jump or do some maneuver in order to take out your opponent.

As a result, players have started to “camp,” meaning that they sit in buildings or corners waiting for people. They do this to end with a better kill to death ratio, giving them a higher score. This type of game play has taken away certain aspects of the game, making it slower and more aggravating.


Recent LHS graduate Ryan Labella says it all, as he states, “The thing I hate most about the game are the campers. It is impossible to kill them because they use claymores and you just get blown up when you try to kill them.”

Labella highlights another big issue with the game. Claymores are trip mines that explode as you walk onto them. Claymores can be set up anywhere on the map, allowing campers to place them and wait for their victims. The best way to fix this overpowered weaponry would be for it to do less damage and grant more time between activation and the actual explosion.

Student Tyler Neville looking at a picture of a picture of a Claymore.

The worst thing about this game though is the maps. I can name only two maps that I actually enjoy playing: Euphrates Bridge and Shoot House. The developers made the maps too big for the game, so games take much longer and are less action-packed. The reason people love Call of Duty is the fast and constant fighting, and taking away these just ruins the game. This version is much slower and very boring at times. Developers should definitely consider fixing these issues, due to the backlash that they have received from the community.

Luckily there are also a lot of things in Call of Duty Modern Warfare that make it fun, providing a counterbalance to all the drawbacks of this game update.

One major upside of this game is the guns. They are very fun to use, and all seem well balanced. The M4a1 is the most enjoyable gun to use. Some would say it is overpowered, but I would have to disagree because although it is very good from far away, it is atrocious in close-range battles.

The gun customization is also the best out of any Call of Duty game. There are an endless number of customizations that can be made. An example of this is the fact that there are twenty gun applications, almost doubling that of previous games. These applications allow you to change your gun to fit your play style.

In this picture you can see that I am only level 42. In game you can see what level people are at the time, so you know how good the players in your game are.

The leveling system in this game, however, is pretty mediocre. The highest level you can go to is 155, and at around rank 70 you stop unlocking things at each level. At this point the game does begin to get a bit boring because you have nothing left to play for. Lafayette graduate Michael Labella, who is an avid player of Modern Warfare, said, “I really like the game even though most people hate it. There are a lot of guns and attachments to unlock, which make it fun, but upon reaching level 70 the only thing you can go for are gun camos. The time to kill is too quick, which is the main problem in the game, but if this is fixed, the game will be perfect.”

Overall this game has potential. The developers just need to listen to the community and fix the issues people have been complaining about since day one. If these problems are fixed, this could be one of the best Call of Duties made.