SCA Elections

The first votes were cast for the 2016-2017 board on Friday, June 3rd

McKayla Mills puts up the newest poster of her presidential bid.

Student Council elections are in full swing this week, with the vote fast approaching on Friday. This year’s board of officers will be replaced for the 2016-2017 school year. Juniors Dion Bartlett, Kaitlin Rodgers, and McKayla Mills are campaigning for president. All the other elections are uncontested. Junior Paige McKenzie will win VP, and freshman Hailey Botkins will win Reporter. Juniors Tasja Bartlett and Jessica Guerrette will be Secretary and Treasurer, respectively.

The spring SCA election is quite different from the SGA class elections at the beginning of the year. For the Student Council, each candidate films a speech which will be broadcast in AEP around the school on Friday, June 3rd. Students, having watched the recorded speeches, will fill out Scantron ballots.

As usual, posters are shooting up around the school in preparation for the election. Each of the unopposed girls has plastered the walls with advertising, as have the three presidential candidates. With pop culture references such as “Like a good neighbor…” and an image of Donald Trump, the candidates are all trying to harness as many votes as possible before the speeches are even shown.

According to current SCA president Jeremiah Bailey, relevance is the mantra for poster-making. “It’s good to find relevant topics, the type of stuff you’d see on Twitter, and rewrite it to fit your message.” Jerry has overseen a successful year for the SCA, in which they brought back the Sadie Hawkins dance and oversaw various class activities. His advice for next year’s SCA? Engage more with the student body they represent. We’ll find out in a few weeks who 2016-2017’s leaders will be, and we’ll find out next year what they do with the power the students give them.

Update: The candidates have given their speeches, and the current SCA will count the votes as fast as possible. Stay posted for election results.

Update 2: The presidential election has been ruled to close to call, and a re-vote will take place on Friday, June 11th. This is evidence of a very tight election, where candidates campaigned hard and spoke well.