Popeyes vs Chick-fil-A

The feud between the tow fast food giants comes to Williamsburg

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On August 12th , 2019 Popeye’s added a new chicken sandwich to their menu, this was also when the feud between the two popular fast food places Popeye’s and Chick-fil-A started. The sandwich that includes “fried chicken, sour pickles, and mayo on a brioche bun” went nationwide.  Chick-fil-A, which is most famous for their chicken sandwiches, made a tweet listing the ingredients to their famous sandwich.  The tweet read: “Bun+ Chicken+ Pickles= all the heart for the original.” For many people this was shade being thrown at at Popeye’s and that’s when the media went crazy and started a Twitter feud. Lots of fans listed what was good about the two fast food places. Some said Chick-fil-A tasted better and others said Popeye’s had more quality ingredients.

Other fast food restaurants joined in on the argument, talking about their chicken sandwiches, telling people to stop by and try it. Media users also decided to talk about their favorite chicken sandwich.  August 18th, Popeye’s gained more followers than Chick-fil-A and had as much as 25,000 new followers, leaving Chick-fil-A far behind, as they only gained 10,000 new followers.

15 days after launching its new chicken sandwich, Popeye’s sold out of them. Although customers are disappointed, Popeye’s workers are happy that they have a sandwich outage. Some Popeye’s employees have reported having no breaks and receiving threats from angry customers. In Texas, a man tried to force himself inside the restaurant after being told there were no more sandwiches. One man even sued Popeye’s for the damage to his tires from trying to order the new chicken sandwich.

To the joy and relief of their many fans, Popeye’s has announced that the sandwich will be back.

Around the nation and locally, lots of people have been saying which one is better and where they would rather eat. Students at First Colonial High school in Virginia Beach were eager to share their opinions on the two fast food restaurants.

“Popeye’s is far better than Chick-fil-A,” said Marissa Savage, current student at First Colonial High school in Virginia Beach. “Chick-fil-A is disgusting and not worth the hype. The fries have no flavor and are less crispy than any other fries, and their chicken has a bad after taste. I find Chick-fil-A absolutely disgusting and I think nobody should eat there.”

Another student at First Colonial High School, who wished to remain anonymous, said : “I would rather eat at Chick-fil-A than Popeye’s. Popeye’s has poor customer service and the kitchen is always dirty. The employees have bad attitudes and don’t have manners. Their tables are dirty and have left over crumbs from past customers still on the table. Let’s not forget they are always running out of chicken!!”

Even YouTubers are making videos of them tasting the sandwiches saying which one is better and leaving reviews.

What is so special about the Popeye’s new chicken sandwich that makes it better than Chick-Fil-A, and has folks wanting all over the U.S. going crazy? What is your input on this whole Popeye’s vs Chick-fil-A situation? Which do you prefer? Is Popeye’s better than Chick-fil-A? Or is Chick-fil-A better than Popeye’s? You’re opinion matters too.  Take our poll and see the results!