The American Food Industry is Killing You

Are you correctly informed on how the foods you eat effect your body and mind?


Americans are at the epitome of convenience. Isles and isles of all the food anyone could dream of.

Do you trust where your food is coming from?

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Believe it or not, each and every piece of food you consume has significant effects on your mind and bodily functions.

The American government goes to extreme lengths to try and protect the rights of chemically corrupt food being produced in insanely large quantities. It is directly tied to the most dangerous and massive food industries (like McDonald’s and Kraft). The people you entrusting with protecting our country are actively deceiving you for the purpose of profit and ultimately leading the public down a toxic path toward disease and premature death.

Your body is not designed to process the type of foods that sit on the grocery store shelves for months; it is designed to process foods that grow and form naturally in the Earth.

Do you trust where your food is coming from?

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Having a rainbow of different-colored natural foods in your daily nutrition is one way to make sure you’re keeping your body healthy. Don’t be afraid to try new and or bizarre fruits and vegetables!

The world today has become infused with bodily diseases, mainly because of what food products are being sold to people. Studies have shown that the development of 80,000 cancer cases in the U.S. had a direct link to diet. In the documentary “Forks Over Knives,”  several people featured on the film cured their cancer simply by switching to a completely plant-based diet–some of them didn’t even undergo chemotherapy, radiation, or any other non-holistic treatments offered by doctors.

Another documentary, The Magic Pill, interviews various people with chronic illnesses that successfully switched their eating habits to strictly whole foods/plant based, and further saw that their bodies slowly lost any signs of illness.  There are very few doctors that take a holistic approach to the treatment of illness, due to the fact that medical school students barely scrape the surface learning the importance of nutrition.  Furthermore, the drug companies promote the idea that it is always easier to simply prescribe a pill to “fix” the patient’s issue.

Even The American Cancer Society has dietary guidelines that are actually harmful to those who are diagnosed with cancer. They suggest foods that are “fat-free”, “sugar-free”, “light/lite”, “low-calorie”, etc., and what sounds too good to be true, usually is. While attempting to convey this healthier approach through these kinds of labels, the effects of the food itself are actually quite the opposite. An article on the Food Network website states that, “No matter which type you choose, all faux sweeteners are hundreds of times sweeter than sugar. Despite claims that they’re made from sugar or come from a natural plant source, all have undergone some type of chemical process before they reach your lips. Eating too much of these types of chemically treated sugars has been linked to adverse side effects including stomach upset, blood sugar control issues and increased risk of some types of cancer.”

Food companies know what you as a consumer want, and they will slap any trending or desirable label on their product to increase sales, regardless if it is true of not. Everything is about a profit.

The ingredients of the ‘healthier’ version of potato chips contains chemicals and preservatives that no one can even pronounce! “Less Fat” = more chemicals! Don’t eat it if you cannot read it.
The ingredients on the regular version contains simpler ingredients.

Did you know that nearly three quarters of Americans are obese? How could we let the human race become so negligent to the well-being of our bodies? The answer is clear: the convenience of packaged and ready-made foods. This has turned us into lethargic parasites to the unnatural ease. Before fast-food was introduced in 1921, the people of the United States were rarely ever dramatically beyond a moderate/healthy weight.  In 1930’s the first supermarkets were introduced, thus leading to even more dependence on the convenience of packaged foods. By 1960, Americans were hooked on the sugar and sodium-packed foods, leading to the inevitable rise of severely overweight people. Clearly, the rise of chemically-ridden and artificially-preserved foods is a direct link to humans becoming obese, which in turn, leads to a number of cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, and cancer.

“Our family promise; Quality, freshness, and taste”. Ironic how that label is right beneath a paragraph of preservatives and artificial flavors. The FDA has no regulations on labels!

With all these horrific consequences, wouldn’t you think there would be more awareness and change brought to this epidemic? The answer is complicated.  Making a drastic shift in diet is a deep-rooted issue for most people. An inability to change a habit is called addiction. The health website, Our Green Planet states that addictive foods (like fast-foods) all contain a trifecta of triggering substances that light up our reward center in our brain (also known as dopamine). These substances are sugar, trans fat, and salt–all in excessive amounts. Food companies also use a chemical called Monosodium Glutamte (MSG) to enhance the flavor of the incredibly cheap foods they buy, masking the real flavor. This chemical also suppresses appetite satiety, causing people to eat far more than what is a healthy portion.

You can easily avoid the plethora of nastiness on the label by making cupcakes at home! Far more delicious and less dangerous than store-bought cupcakes.

Mrs. Karen Woodrum, a teacher who is very informed and interested in nutrition and mental health, believes that food can be used as a medicine for bettering one’s mindset and body.  She also claimed that, “Your body is like a car, what happens to it/what you put in it affects how it works.” She believes that the reason people eat unhealthily even when they are aware of the consequences because “cheap and processed foods are targeted to poorer communities because its easier, faster, and less money to produce than something that takes ample effort and time to form (whole foods).” Not only is it extremely probable that these foods make you gain unnecessary amounts weight, but it also causes problems with your hormones and self-esteem, which ties directly in to your mental health.  Woodrum offers advice for people who want to better their lifestyle: take everything one step at a time and do not make drastic changes all at once. Also, be mindful and present in the experience of making healthier choices because that is the only way you won’t stress yourself out. She says, “Being healthy is just as important as doing it for the right reasons, and it’s not worth doing if one was to be negative about the change you are trying to commit to.”

Something as simple as a tortilla has chemicals being over half of its ingredients in order for it to lasts months in the store.

There are more than  a few dangers with the food industry. Spreading awareness is the only way to promote action in overruling some of the inhumane and sinful FDA standards as well as the big businesses connected to them.