The Lies About Gun Control

Gun control does not work, how much is a lie?


Sean Long

A young boy getting assulted with no means to defend himself,but if he was allowed a gun he could have turned the tables on his attacker.


An Airsoft riffle that looks like a military weapon, the most hated gun by left wing politicians.

Gun Control is something that you have probably heard a lot about lately in the news. With the Democrats trying to push it because of recent mass shootings, you may even think it is a good idea.

Well, it’s not.

Gun Control, is a myth. It is politicians being wolves in the clothing of a sheep.

Gun control won’t decrease the homicide rate in the country. If anything, it will only increase the amount of people killed each year. Taking away cheap, reliable means of self-defense makes criminals more likely to commit a crime because they will not have to worry about being shot by their victims.
People say that the firearm death rate is incredibly high, and according to the CDC over 39,773 there were firearm deaths in 2017. But question how many of those were suicides and murders? According to CDC statistics, there were 23,854 firearm suicides and 13,000 homicide and assaults that’s 36,000 people intentionally killed by firearms. People are killed on a daily basis and firearms are a cheap and reliable way to defend ourselves from violent crime. If you take the most effective means of defense out of the hands of the public, how can they keep themselves safe?

Why can’t we just ban rifles? Well according to the FBI data base of murder victims only 322 people were killed by a rifle. Compared to 1,589 people killed with a knife of some sort, that 4.9 times the amount of people killed by a riffle. So, what are we going ban knives? NO, we won’t! So, don’t ban riffles.

Women use firearms 200,000 times a year. Take the means of self defense out of their hands an this could be common place.

But what about assault weapons? First of all, “assault weapon” is a made-up term. It was created by politicians to take the AR and AK platform out of the hands of the law-abiding citizens of this great nation. Terminology matters “AR” doesn’t stand for “Assault Rifle”, it stands for “ArmaLite Rifle”. ArmaLite is named after the company that first came up with the rifle platform in the 1950’s. AK t means “Avtomat Kalashnikova” which translates into Kalashnikov’s machine. So, if people’s understanding of the terms we use are wrong, what else is?

Another common misconception about guns is their firing rate. A term thrown around a lot is Full semi-automatic. That term is made up. No gun can fire in full semi-automatic. The term implies that you can fire faster than semi-auto. A semi-auto shoots one bullet as fast as you can pull the trigger, not like a machine gun, where you pull the trigger once and it empties half of a magazine. More terms to be aware of: magazine what hold’s your ammunition. Left wingers say a clip; clips are outdated used in older weapons and only hold up to 10 rounds.

The bottom line is that automatic weapons are not legally available to the public, so when you hear the media say a mass shooter had an automatic weapon, know that it was actually only semi-auto. Also, the world record holder for firing a spencer repeating rifle is 1.6 seconds compared to an M4 (military variant of AR-15) that takes 20 Seconds on Automatic to empty its magazine. So, Fire rate depends on the operator.

With the number of mass shootings, why shouldn’t we ban guns? Well, according to the CDC firearms are used in self-defense about 2.5million times a year. That’s about 6,850 times a day. Also, guns are used by women who have used them 200,000 times a year to protect from sexual abuse. The good guy with the gun is a thing, but many politicians don’t want you to believe that.

Schools are filled with defenseless innocents, and gun control won’t stop the evil mass shooters commit here.

There’s a culture war against gun owners and it’s up to the people of the United States to protect our right to defend ourselves. Quoting Colin Noir YouTube political commentator “the 2nd amendment was not a statement but a directive, and it shall not be infringed”.