If you're wondering whether you should wear a mask the next time you leave the house, the answer is yes, you should. If not simply to protect you from contracting the virus, than to protect others if you are an unknowing carrier. No matter what age you are, none of us is immune from potentially harming those around us. We have to protect each other, especially those most vulnerable in our communities. That is why it is so important to follow the shelter in place and social distancing orders. They stop the spread which saves lives.

The New Normal

May 8, 2020

Social Distancing

Ashley Williams, reporter

April 30, 2020

Ever since COVID-19 entered the United States, there have been nationwide lock down and social distancing orders. However, in some states these regulations carry hefty fees and punishments if they are broken, while in other...

This picture taken at Lady Margaret Hall shows the two sitting side by side on a bench. Greta captions her Instagram post

An Inspiring Duo

March 10, 2020

Corona virus is affecting people from all over the world and from all age groups

Corona Panic

March 10, 2020

With beautiful views and busy streets, Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a big target for violence.

Tragedy In Milwaukee

March 9, 2020

Kobe Bryant with the LAkers shooting aganist Marcin Fortat at the Washington Wizards game

Mourning for Kobe

February 11, 2020