The End of the Holloman Era

Thanos has snapped his fingers and made Lafayette's head administrator disappear.


Dr. Holloman is now out of Lafayette. How is the student body reacting, and what was her legacy on Lafayette?

The biggest news story of the school year has just broken: Lafayette High school Principal, Dr. Holloman has resigned, after two years as principal! Seemingly out of nowhere she has left office, with no warning or reasoning as to why. Due to the sensitive nature of the topic, some questions will be avoided as we tackle this latest development in this week’s podcast.  In three sections Aaron, Mike, and Ryan discuss policies and rules put in place that the student body had received well, and some received not so well, as well as speak to various members of the LHS community to get their take on the situation. Afterward, listen on as some roaming interviews will uncover perspectives of the LHS community!

What was done well

What was done and received not so well