Kanye West Paying Kim for New Divorce

West is ordered to pay $200,000 to Kardashian yearly.

Kim And Kanye Reach Divorce Settlement: Here’s What To Know (forbes.com) reports that after years of separation, Rapper Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian settled their papers and agreement, filing in divorce. According to Forbes, this applies joint custody with the catch of West contributing $200,000 towards Kim for Child Support. According to the Los Angelos Court, neither are held responsible for paying spousal support. reports that both were legally single last march, and Kim has been through a relationship since then. The topline of this article expresses how Kim’s relationship with Pete Davidson began (October 2021) before she was held legally single (March 2022) and lasted for 9 months prior.

Kim mid- marriage at Emmys Award Carpet.

Still facing issues in property and Custody, that will be panned out on December 16th. They have managed a lot of agreements on such of the kid’s private school expenses, their security and their college, etc. Although Kanye should be held accountable for his kids’ payments, Kanye agreed on covering half of each price.

Considering they were married for 8 years and hold a co-parenting family of 4 kids, this has taken a large toll on public viewers. TMZ reported that Kim and Kanye’s yearlong trials have decided on paying the first day of every month which must be wired into Kim’s account. If terms become very tense, it is noted by the courts that if one of them “fails to participate,” the other party gets to make the decision “by default.”

Kim and Kanye seen in Hollywood together meeting for lunch.

Coming from (Kanye West to pay Kim Kardashian $200,000 per month in child support as divorce settled – BBC News), this divorce began off of Kim’s behalf; however, it was dragged on so long due to Kanye not wanting to lose her. Kim speaks on the public anxiety and stress from Kanye’s end after being asked to keep things offline. “I believe that the court terminating our marital status will help Kanye to accept that our marital relationship is over and to move forward on a better path which will assist us in peacefully co-parenting our children.” said Kim.

Kim and Kanye modeling for Photo Point.

Elsa Maishman reported that on top of the kids, they must cover and be held responsible for their own debts. The two had a pre-nuptial agreement and kept their property largely separate. With having a kid one year from the start of their marriage, Kim found things very forced, and publicity held a big factor once in their relationship, but more now as co-parents. Kim filed for her first divorce from Kanye back in February 2021. Reporter Maishman spoke on behalf of Kims struggles with not successfully getting to this point until now. Maishman says how Kanye has been left angry of the process of this divorce because he has fired two lawyers, also raised several technical issues and demanded, including seeking the right to question any new husband of Kardashian’s under oath, which Judge Steve Cochran promptly rejected. Kanye has provided a lot of comments on social media about him and Kim’s personal texts, separate relations and handling the kids. Not only has Kim lost all respect for Kanye but a lot of media supporters and large companies supporting Kanye have completely cut ties with him over offensive and antisemitic remarks that have further eroded an already withering public image. With being Kim’s third marriage, she expected it all, but hoped for better. In summary, Kim has been revealed to receive a majority of time with the kids, even though they share joint custody.